12  PAX posted at #TheHogg for the 0700 WO, with 1 FNG coming to us from the #Interwebs.

We’ll start things off with some TAPs for TP who hurt his calf during his Q of the 0600, and we hope all three of his legs serve him well in the coming days. #WhatDidHeJustSay?

High 60s degrees F and some humidity, but nothing we haven’t seen in H-Town.

TClaps to Duggar for spending some quality time with our FNG before we got things going this morning. Although, YHC incorrectly assumed that in the minutes for which he delayed our start, he would have at least provided some of the Disclaimer… My mistake, I corrected it right away and let our Friendly New Guy know that YHC is not a professional. This is a free workout. You’re out here voluntarily. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. Modify as needed… When YHC said he hoped everyone would be modifying by the end, he did not mean everyone needed to step in as Co-Qs though. #MoreOnThatLater

Warm Up – Circle of Pain (COP):

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Squats x 20 IC
  • Squat Shuffle Hops x 15 IC

The Thang

Moseyed around the from parking lot of good ol’ St Theresa with some flap jacked Side Shuffles and Back Peddles. Then circled up in the nearby field for some:

  • Flash-Lunges ** x 10
  • Something else happened at this circle, but the crazy amount of Mumble Chatter has got my memory bank blocked #LikelyScarredForLife

** Similar to Weedwacker’s Flachdance, but with some secret sauce 4-count Lunges thrown in between at Q’s call. Not sure we can call it “Where the hell is Matt?” even though some of the Pax enjoyed the reference – watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwruY. Where the hell is Inferno does have a nice ring to it though 😉

We than ran to the Toybox to grab some Blocks. TClaps to Camo for meeting YHC the night before to lend some Blocks from his stach – worked out very well. We Partnered up 1s & 2s and grabbed one block per group = 6 total.

Mosey over to the Swimming Pool field and battle against severe Mumble Chatter for the following:

  • Partner 1, Bears with Blocks across the field and back
  • Partner 2 performs Squats AMRAP until P1 returns

Rinse and repeat modifying Squats for Speed Lunges and Bears with Blocks with some Bucket Carries. Then we swapped for:

  • P1, Moseys across the field – Backpeddles back
  • P2 performs Block Swings AMRAP until P1 returns

Leave your blocks – and Mosey over to the Walled-playground. PaceCar had requested some Dips, so Dips we got:

  • Step-ups x 10 each side OYO
  • Dips x 20 IC
  • Skull Crushers x 20 IC (10 each side)
  • Dips x 20 IC
  • Box Jumps x 10 OYO

Mosey over to The Pipe-a-dore (there was another likely better name for our favorite rusty pipe, but YHC cannot seem to remember):

  • Ski Jumps x 20 CC (10 each side)
  • Rinse and repeat 3 times, with x 25 CC on the last rep for good measure

Mosey over to the SFs – grabbing blocks en route – for our last set:

  • 1 around the world of Howling Monkey Humpers
  • Captain Thor – we got all the way up to 10 #WayToGoMen = 55 LBCs + 220 American Hammers!
  • *CORRECTED to include* Burpees (+ 5 Merkins each on the down) x 10 OYO = 50 Merkins to finish things off

CountORama and NameORama:
12 PAX, with 1 FNGs – let’s keep that EH, brothers!  #ABH

Fire&Ice found us on his own googling around the interwebs! Very exciting to have him with us!!


TAPs to TP for his injury this morning; HammerTime who will be back with us next Tuesday @ The Hogg, & Stakeout who is back in the Gloom. We also lifted Hostage’s family for difficult times!

YHC took us out calming our hearts and minds – counting our blessing for all that we have in the Gloom and at home. Bless all the Mothers in our midst this fine weekend!! #PraiseThemOften !!

Naked Moleskin:

Today was fun as always for YHC – interesting to have so many Q-Modifies coming from the Pax instead of the Q. We all worked through them together though and YHC was reminded to always keep an open mind and heart to others’ input… even when they may involve throwing 25 lbs blocks in the air in the direction of other Pax #TotallyAcceptable?!?

Thank you to the Pax for pushing YHC at the end during the Captain Thor – the cadence count was a killer and your motivation is all that kept us going!! We had lots of good work today, getting in nearly 3 miles by the end of the hour – well done! #MenGotBetterToday


THIRSTY THIRD THURSDAY is this next week, Thursday Happy Hour on May 18th at Kirby Ice House. There will be a BADDASS gift/gear giveaway to the first 10 Pax to arrive. And TClaps to Lil’ Papi for setting up the ALS National Fundraiser at the same time and place. Be there ready to donate to a great cause! We look forward to seeing everyone there for some 2nd F (Fellowship)!

SPARTAN RACE is next week, and there is still time to register for GROWRUCK 03! “Some people ask why, we ask why not?!!” – F3 Duggar of the Land of Houston (who STILL needs to sign up himself!!)

GrowRuck 03 – New Orleans June 9-11 combines F3 Grow School with a GoRuck Tough. Have no doubt, this will be a transformative event for the PAX that do it, as well as for F3 Houston and F3 Texas. Get excited! HC’s Leprechaun (Event Q), Cruiser, Duggar, Inferno, Britney, TP, JackRabbit, Cannon, & Fireball. We need more from the Houston PAX. We also need drivers> a non participant in the event that can drive some very tired & worn out souls back to Houston from Nola.

F3 COMZ. Because we are only working out together 3-4 hours a week, communication between the Pax is a key way to build our Fellowship as a group. #CommunicationIsKey There are multiple ways to stay in touch… start with BAND – download here: http://band.us/n/a7a8Uek6x3Y7H.


  • ABH – Always Be Headlocking! Remember to put out the EH even to our Pax in other cities… F3 Nation is growing and you can help men across this fine nation!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead once again – an honor as always,