• When: June 22, 2019
  • QIC: YHC (Taco)
  • The PAX: T-shirt, Ghost Rider, Haggis, Updog, Sully, Chief (DR Phoenix), H-Bomb, Duggar, Goldilocks
  • The PAX: 85 degrees with 99% humidity

Britney felt compelled to Q Saturday after Haggis bought him a beer at TTT. He coaxed me into co-Qing during Orbit’s coffeteria (and doing this backblast!).

Safe to say, Haggis would have preferred Britney to have bough him a beer in return than to experience the punishment dished out over the hour:

The Thang (after the disclaimer)


  • SSH x25 IC
  • Plankjack x25 IC
  • Smurfjack x25 IC
  • Mountain Climber x25 IC
  • Bobby Hurley x25 IC
  • Merkins x15 IC
  • Captain Thor
    • American Hammer x20 IC
    • BBSU x10 CC
    • American Hammer x18 IC
    • BBSU x9 CC
    • American Hammer x16 IC
    • BBSU x8 CC
    • American Hammer x14 IC
    • BBSU x7CC
    • American Hammer x12 IC
    • BBSU x6 CC
    • American Hammer x10 IC
    • BBSU x5 CC
    • American Hammer x8 IC
    • BBSU x4 CC
    • Out of time

Britney’s turn at the Q:

Mosey to parking lot
Burpee builder ladder
Run to 1st market, 25x squats CC
Run back to start
RnR 1st marker, then run to 2nd marker, 25x groiners CC
Run back to start
RnR markers 1-2, run to 3rd marker, 25x merkins CC
Run back to start
RnR markers 1-3, run to 4th marker, 25x Bobby Hurley’s CC
Run back to start
10x burpees OYO
Recover for water break. Back to YHC for the Q:
Mosey back to the flags for 4 horsemen (aka 4 corners; aka 4 swing sets):
Swing Set 1: Merkins (20 OYO)
Lung Walk
Swing Set 2: Squats (20 OYO)
Bear crawl
Swing Set 3: LBC (20 OYO)
Duck walk
Swing Set 4: Burpees (20 OYO)
Lung walk to the start for 3 Minutes of Mary:
Low Flutter
Back to Britney for Shock and Awe:
5x SSHs IC
10x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
9x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
8x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
7x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
6x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
5x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
4x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
3x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
2x burpees OYO
5x SSHs IC
10x burpees OYO

We have had a good time at #TheMarathon with some Q-a-rama’s and jam sessions. So when Britney had the idea to co-Q I jumped on board. I don’t think Britney nor I wanted to be out-done by the other so this was a rather intense BD throughout. 25 xIC Smurfjack is a great way to make your legs feel like Jello. I would not recommend it at the beginning of the workout especially one that ends with Shock and Awe.

We had a great crew with fresh new blood. Welcome to Chief from down range and FNG Goldilock (FKA High Bar). Tclaps to T-shirt and Sully for posting week after week since landing at the Hogg in recent weeks. Keep it up!

I think Britney still owes Haggis a beer,