Braving the unknowns of the third week of The Hogg’s Leap and embracing with temerity the further exploration of the 3rd F, 17 PAX put the pedal to the metal in a celebration of Texas’ storied history. 3 total miles of running.

The Thang:
A Warm-Up of Sorts: Run past playground through Garden of Tranquility to as-of-yet-unnamed field (let’s call it the Ellipse, since it’s close to eclipse and the Full Moon was out).
SSH x 20
Imperial walker x 20
Low slow squat x 20
Mountain Climber x 20

Mosey to parking lot to check for straggler PAX then back to GOT. High knees
Butt kickers, karaoke, and back pedal on way.

There are 5 Million Plus Inhabitants of Houston and the city is the 4th Largest in the USA, therefore, BOG called for a Quad Nickel through the GOT.

Quad Nickel:
Use the three circular areas with benches in the GOT out and back, accomploishing four exercises. Rinse and repeat five times:
Station 1: Step ups x10 each side
Station 2: Dips x10
Station 3: Derkins x 10
Back to Station 2: Split squats 10 each side
Rinse and repeat 5x

While 6 finished up, went to Ellipse for Mary
Flutter x 15 in cadence
Dolly x 15 in cadence
High flutter x 15 in cadence
Rosalita x 15 in cadence
Superman 2 verses

Partner up
Hand Slap Merkins 20
Prairie Fire Mary 10 then flapjack

Mosey to “Stadium”
Partner went up and down stands x 5 while other partner does AMRAP Dry Docks
Rinse and repeat

Mosey across road to Exclamation Point
SSH and Jump Squats as Six catches up
Lunge walks, then Mosey to Dugout
More Jump squats on own
Ran bases of baseball diamond with squats x 5 at each base
At Home Base
Diamond Merkins x 15
Wide Arm Merkins x 15

Mosey across to the Great Wall
People’s Chair 1 minute
20 Air Pressses

Mosey to Presidential Grove with Texas Trivia on the Way

Moseyed back to Front Lawn
“Ditch Zags” x 5 along the way

BOG talked about 3rd F. We are NOT hollow men. We do not accept that the world ends in a wimper. We will live purposeful lives, focusing on our 3rd F. Faith is personal, but crucial. It is not about one particular religion, but it is what matters outside all of us. It is natural for Fit, Friended men to look outwards and serve with purpose.

BOG recounted the story of his brush with eternity, April 21, 2015 at an F3 workout, where two PAX saved his life from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Because of their efforts, BOG not only has brain function (albeit you may question how much sometimes), but also has returned to Q. BOG called this a true Lazarus moment, when God powerfully moved to enable Beaker and Hard Hat, and the PAX of Swift to revive a brother. This is because F3 matters. We matter. Our purposes are not hollow; we exist to accomplish our D2X in our communities, AYE!


EH your friend
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Follow @F3Houston on Twitter, get an F3 handle and communicate!
Look to Twitter and for Backblasts, Official COMZ
Defined CSAUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless)

Bishop led prayer for Ball of Man

Adjourned to Coffeeteria, which BTW is the most incredible version of its kind. Great food, location, right next to the golf course. It even has a water feature!
Little known facts:
– CC carried the Olympic Torch in his home province of Nova Scotia as a third grader before the 1988 Winter Olympics (which BOG skated in). Small world!
– Postal won Texas history “contest”
– Bublé can sing/chant the cadence
– Bishop and Dugger excel at Splitsquats, genuinely prepping for their training as skaters
– Reverend’s instant cred. Not only was his EH from Bishop (who protected him relentelessly form being called Acolyte or Altar Boy), but he pulled up to his first F3 workout in a badass truck that just says I’m part of the PAX,
– Brittany gets Rush Chair Kudos: Parking lot EH of SadClown from NC who spotted Shovel Flag. Way to GO!

Shout outs for F3 Nation events: Trip to Alta/Snowbird that rocks. It’s February 2-5, 2017.
Also, get going on CSAUP events nearby.

Note from BOG. Huge honor to Q this morning. Keep up the good work and see y’all SOON.