9 Pax (eventually) gathered in The Gloom at The Hogg, kicking off the first Thursday workout since The Launch on Saturday. Mid-70-something weather with a hint of stickiness in the air served as a reminder that the temperate days of this past weekend are still en route and haven’t arrived at the station just yet.


  • Warm up around the Shovel Flags
    • Side Straddle Hops x 40 IC
    • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
    • Merkins x 10 IC
    • Windmills x 20 IC
  • Mosey around St. Theresa’s Church
    • Mosey to side of church
    • High knees & Butt Kickers to back parking lot along the length of the church
    • Karaoke right, then flapjack left the width of parking lot
    • Jailbreak to end of parking lot
    • Mosey along street all the way back to the YTBN field
  • Introduced “11’s” to the Pax…Swerkins and Single-leg Step Ups
  • Mosey along back of Kickball Field #1 to playground set adjacent to Public Pool
    • The Dip x 20 IC
    • The Box Jump x 10 OYO
  • Mosey back to the SF
    • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
    • Boxcutters x 10 IC…may have been 20, but who’s counting???


  • 9 men with Gold Digger visiting from Dallas


  • Prayers for Cannon, that his M might deliver a healthy, happy 2.0 for the third time.
  • Call to keep all those impacted and yet to be impacted by Hurrican Matthew in TAP and that they might be kept safe.
  • YHC asked that the Pax keep my 2.0, youngest daughter, who has Hyperinsulinism and who had an extreme and unexplained drop in her blood sugar level last night, in their TAP.


  • Need some Pavlovic conditioning, as 4 of 9 Pax didn’t show until after 0530 start time. For those Pax that missed the memo, an 0530 start time means we start at 0530. Now, please file your TPS Report!  Still T-Claps for the commitment to getting out their and posting in these early days. As they say, better late than never!
  • YHC is clearly rusty as the Q, evidenced by the fact that YHC called for Imperial Walkers right after having finished…yes, you guessed it, Imperial Walkers. Maybe YHC has to adjust the coffee intake prior to Qing the next time.
  • The Bishop made #MumbleChatter his personal mission this AM and started out as chatty as a school girl on her first date. However, that plan was squashed by the Swerkins, during the 11s. Midway thru, all that could be heard was his heavy breathing. The Swerkins were a real crowd pleaser. Good.
  • Kudos to The Bishop, who took I2 and got the Pax right into a Plankorama, while waiting on The Six to finish the 11s
  • YHC noted some #GrumbleChatter at calling for Box Jumps, which made YHC feel all wam and fuzzy on the inside. The path to getting stronger journeys through the Valley of Pain. Embrace the suck!
  • At The Bishop’s prompting, YHC recounted the story of the impact that the men of F3 had following the flooding in Columbia, SC last year, and how it spoke volumes about how F3 was more than just a workout group or a way for guys to make friends. YHC emphasized that the end goal of F3 was to “invigorate male community leadership” and there was no finer example of what it meant to be a H.I.M. than how the Pax of F3 Nation responded to that catastrophe.