• When: 19May18 0530h
  • QIC: Beta
  • The PAX: Port-O-Call, Beta
YHC and Port O Call arrived at 0530-ish to an empty parking lot at the Hogg. As POC’s wife was up watching something called a Markel bond with a genetically inferior, yet born lucky ginger, POC really needed to get out of the house. No disclaimer was given or needed, the PAX was small, yet informed.

Dark. Warm. Moist.


Yeah, yeah

The Thang

The thang was simple: a Loop with pain stations
PS1 Merkin 25
PS2 Decline merkin 25
PS3 Merkin 25
PS4 incline merkin 25
PS5 LBAC forward 25, LBAC backward 25
PS6 Ray Lewis 25, Morracan night club 25
PS 7 AMRAP pullups YHC accomplished several less than POC, but with much better form.
PS 8 (Green Monster) Donkey kicks 25
PS 9 Step ups 25
PS 10 Squats 25
PS 11 Lunges 25 each leg, in front of an audience.

CountORama and NameORama

Might have skipped this.


COT consisted of mumble chatter from gathering PAX who fartsacked through a glorious first hour. Little did they know….

Hydrate.  And pay attention.  More to come.


None, both PAX doubled down.

– Beta