In YHC’s humble opinion, the “Take No Prisoners” approach that F3 normally exhibits leaves out one very important part of advancing the King – recovery.  YHC has noticed the beasts of the Spigot talking more about achy bodies, tiredness, and general lethargy.  In order to get the beasts to focus on maintaining the machine, YHC stepped back from the normal soul crushing weinkie and delivered one that was split in half focusing on mobility and active movements supporting the range of motion.

Of course there was Mumble Chatter about the pace and format (Vibram: “Thanks for the 45 minute warmup”) along with the normal amount of Tomfoolery, which is the Spigot’s style.  But like our Mom making us eat our peas as a kid, it is something we need to do to function at peak performance.  Don’t worry about those gainz, they will still be there.


The Deets

Pax Count: 8


PAX: Robinhood, Mufasa, Borat, Waterboy, Beignet, Vibram, Grub, Liftkit

Conditions: 55F and Windy

The Thang

  • Worlds Greatest Stretch – On Q
  • 1/4 mile jail break
  • Twisted Mountain Climber Stretch – 5x each side On Q
  •  Oblique Stretch – 5x each side On Q
  • Tabata time – 40 sec of work/20 seconds of rest.  5 rounds all completed with Pax choice mace weight
    • Mixed Grip Front Press Squat
    • Long Lever Deadlift w/ Single Arm Row
    • Twisted Sword Draw
    • Ballistic Curls
    • Sumo Front Press
  • Seal Stretch – 5x each arm On Q
  • Forearm Stretch – 5x each arm On Q
  • Down Dog to Pigeon Pose progressive stretch – On Q  



  • Veterans Day T/L/Star Course Sprint – Nov 13 – 15
  • Spigot Closed Oct 31 for Weight Loss Convergence at the Kingdom

Naked Man Moleskin

Not much of a leadership lesson in this NMM, but a quick talk about staying in the fight.  YHC’s BOTG knows that he has been carrying some significant stress due to external events.  In general, society is carrying significant stress for external forces that are well outside of their control.  In general, stress is high, anxiety is high, uneasiness is high, tempers are high.  How we react to that is how we are measured.  

YHC reacted to that by focusing his energy on the points of that stress that was under his control.  Unfortunately, that forced YHC out of the Gloom while that energy was redirected.  At the beginning of the season, YHC was a mess without the time in the Gloom.  Eventually he found his footing and established a cadence of strategically using the energy while not loosing the larger mission objective and commitment to staying in the fight.

Moral of this story is that the PAX and Sad Clowns around us ebb and flow with their stress.  Being a HIM requires us to be mindful of that and treat them accordingly.  It also requires us to recognize the impact within ourselves and react accordingly.