• When: December 13, 2017
  • QIC: Detention
  • The PAX: Whisky, Cheney, DB, Inhaler, El Blanco, The Wreck, Stakeout, Weedwacker, Detention

A chilly 37 degrees with clear sky.


I am not a professional. F3 workouts are FREE and voluntary – you are here of your own free will #YouAgainstYou. If you can’t complete an exercise Modify as Needed but use good form. If you have a serious medical condition notify someone #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself.

The Thang

Warm up:

  • SSH x 21
  • Imperial Walker x 10
  • Grass grabber x10
  • Big arm circles X 10, reverse x 10

Warm up followed by mosey through the neighborhood while doing Indian runs.

In the smokers’ lounge PAX did BOMBS dora-style

  • 50 burpees
  • 75 overhead claps
  • 100 merkins
  • 125 big boy sit ups
  • 150 squats

PAX mosey to the benches for the following

  • 12 Buble merkins
  • 12 box jumps
  • 15 Freddie Mercury’s
  • 10 Buble merkins
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 Freddie Mercury’s

PAX mosey to the main parking lot of the General to wrap up with one set of suicides closed out with a sprint.

CountORama and NameORama

9 PAX with no FNG’s









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Pleasure to lead – Detention