When, Where:   Monday 8/7/2017, at the General

QIC:  Cannon

The PAX:  Hookup, Whiskey, The Bishop, Rose Bowl, Britney, Gingerwood, Disco, Red Bull, Monty, Detention, Cruiser, Duggar, Defined Benefit (FNG)


YHC is not a professional and I don’t play one on TV.   F3 workouts are free and voluntary.  Use good form and don’t be afraid to ask for a demonstration.   Modify if you need to modify.   Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself!  #youagainstyou


It was in the low 80s with > 80% humidity.   Houston weather at its best.

Circle of Pain:

Circle up on the shovel flags

  • SSH 25x
  • Abe Vigodas 15x
  • Imperial Walkers 15x
  • Merkins 10x
  • Grass Grabbers 15x

The Thang:

Double apple sauce Indian runs over to the ball field behind the YMCA (about 0.5 miles)

First we did DORAs utilizing the bleachers.   This was a little precarious given it had just rained and the bleachers are metal, but the PAX made the best of it.   When one partner exercises, the other pounds the steps on the bleachers.

  • 150x Monkey humpers
  • 150x Merkins
  • 150x Box Jumps

We did the whole first DORA set under a perfectly good stair case.   So YHC decided to use those for Burnout DORAs.    Going up and down the steps only took the PAX about 30 seconds so it made the cardio portion of the DORA less of a break and increased the intensity of the exercise.

  • 150x LBCs
  • 200x Lunge jumps

Indian run back to the shovel flags (0.5 miles).   We got back to the flags at about 6:11, so we did a round of merkins.   Each man waits in the plank position before doing 5 merkins and sprinting around the circle in order.


14 Pax, 1 FNG (Welcome DB)

Ball of Man:

Remember those who are struggling in relationships and for all the blessings we have. YHC raised up my wife’s Grandma who is in the ICU.  The Bishop and Gingerwood raised up friends and family having health issues.


After YHC bumbled through some announcements we spent time basking in the glow of the Trinity launch this past weekend which was an epic success (way to go TP!) and talked through the other launches we have staggered over the next few months.    We really have some unbelievable momentum going on right now and the Art of Manliness podcast could not have come at a better time.   Its amazing to think that we’ve had over 30 FNGs post at our various AO’s just in the last 7 days.    Let’s keep giving it away to men in our community and building on this great thing we’ve started in Houston!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  BOOM!