• When: 11/18/2017
  • QIC: H-Bomb
  • The PAX: DB, Fireball, Hookup (R), Inhaler, Sling blade (R), Neutron, QB (R), Brass Monkey, Bling, Boring, H-Bomb (Q, YHC)

11 PAX (no FNGs) for a “Smell of Buttercups” BD at the Yard!

YHC returns to where it all started.  Felt like I had never left, thanks for welcoming me back for a good old fashion BD at the Yard and letting YHC lead.  PAX pushed hard and ended strong!  Great job! Sorry for the delayed BB, but it’s now here!


72, Humid


YHC is not a professional. F3 workouts are voluntary and FREE – you are here voluntarily #YouAgainstYou. Modify as needed. Notify the Q or rest of Pax of any serious medical conditions #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself.

The Thang

CoP (Warm-up):

  • SSH x 35IC
  • Toy Soldier x15 IC
  • Abe Vigoda x10 IC (Slow & Low)
  • Hillbilly Walker x15 IC
  • Dive Bomber x10 IC
  • Grass Grabber x10 IC
  • Burpee x7 OYO
  • Ray Lewis in the Disco x15 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x20 IC
  • Ray Lewis in the Disco (flapjack) x15 IC

Mosey to the Yard

  • Black Snake (single file, last PAX weave through PAX to front) to end of 3rd Street
  • Regular on Evergreen to cross S. Rice
  • Reverse Indian Run (single file, first PAX drops to do 6 Merkins) down S. Rice
  • Recovery Mosey to the Yard

Circle up for the Buttercup (Q modify for EC and catching breath)

  • Knee Strikes x10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x10 IC
  • Knee Strikes x10 IC
  • JayZ (same side shoulder tap) x10 IC
  • Knee Strikes x10 IC
  • Plank Rotations x10 IC
  • Knee Strikes x10 IC
  • Angry Al Gore x10 IC
  • Knee Strikes x10 IC

RnR x2 (3 total)

Around the World x7 (12 count)

Count off 1-2 for a Round of DORA

  • Partner 1 – Run around the Yard, Partner 2 – do following exercises, switch
  • Derkins
  • Step-Ups
  • American Hammer

Recovery Mosey to Toyota Center

Closed out with a Round of MARY – Low Flutter, Dolly, Rosalita, High Flutter, Freddy Mercury’s

CountORama and NameORama

11 PAX, 0 FNG


Shared a many TAPs with updates on Jessica and the boys, Ava, Vilasic’s Dad, Britney’s 2.0 and Borings niece Mia suffering from Crohn’s Disease.  YHC closed it out reminding us of the energy we have with every breath, and keeping those in need in our thoughts.


Kotter to the Yard, it’s been since June when I started the first steps (when Saturday’s were Just Enough).  My EHs were getting stronger in Bling and Inhailer.  And good to return with Brass Monkey, Boring, Fireball, and Hookup.  Good to see the new faces for me in DB, QB, and Neutron (who reminded me on how it began, and how quickly you can acclimate).  F3 has given me more than ever expected, coming back to the Yard reminded me what I began and where I have gone.  Looking forward to returning again.  Thanks again for letting me lead you today!


*November Burpee Challenge* > 20 burpees + the day = Nov 1st 21 Burpees, Nov 2nd 22 Burpees = 1,065 Burpees for the month of November.  Keep track on Band.  Push yourself. #NotTooLateToStart

*Holiday F3 Swag Orders* > Keep an eye out on Band. Britney will notify the PAX when orders are open for 2 shirt designs (original F3 Houston + The Hogg) for delivery in time for the holiday season.


For those few of you who have not yet signed on – get onto BAND today, either via smartphone app (links here: apple / android), or via the website. This is our new preferred Comz Channel going forward – download it and join the band called “F3 Houston” to get all the info on F3 Houston. Here is where you can learn who are the upcoming Qs, sign up yourself to be the Q, read our Backblasts for each WO, learn details of our next CSAUPs, and as usual, make fun of the guys in the Pax in general with some good ol’ Mumble Chatter.

– H-Bomb