As YHC checked Band before heading to the AO, he found a text from Robinhood reminding the PAX that we workout rain or shine. YHC found that interesting because the sky was clear, but a quick check of the radar confirmed an incoming storm. YHC did a quick audible and pivoted to a standby tool that the F3Houston Pax (and, humble brag, was developed at The Spigot): The Anvil.

YHC organized the Pax under cover just as the rain started. As we worked, the Sky Q gave us thunderous applause in approval of the PAX’s work. The PAX pressed hard, dug deep, and mad themselves better. An epic upper body beat down was delivered to the PAX’s content.

The Deets

  • AO: The Spigot
  • QIC: KY
  • PAX: Vibram, Birdie, Sparky, Borat, Waterboy, Kick Ballz, Sneaker, Pongo, Robinhood
  • Conditions: 59F, Thunderstorms

The Thang

  • Crocodile Merkins w/ Ruck – 4 sets @ 12 Reps On Q
  • Ruck Thrusters – 4 sets @ 15 Reps On Q
  • Ruck Curls – 4 sets @ 10 Reps On Q
  • Ruck Front Raises – 3 sets @ 10 Reps
  • Ruck Bear Crawl – 100 Ft
  • APFT Pushup – For Time (2 minutes)


Naked Man Moleskin

We had a celebrity among our mists this morning: Sneaker joined us after a F3Hou Ruck CSAUP. As YHC was reflecting on the Spigot and what he hopes the AO becomes, he settled on our man Sneaker. YHC asked Sneaker to step in the middle of Coffeteria and talk about what CSAUPS. YHC thinks he forgot about half of them, but he rattled off a marathon or two, a half marathon or two, 2 ruck CSAUPs, and that is all since last fall! Sneaker is leading the way for us.

Sneaker is showing us the way. CSAUPs are more than just a physical challenge. They are an event deep in 2nd F, leadership, discipline in training, and inflicting others to join. Sneaker mentioned that he has embraced the “Do one thing every year that scares the sh*t out of you” mentality, and it shows. CSAUPs are very important to F3 for a variety of reasons. And often they are nearly impossible to describe unless you’ve done one, or countless like Sneaker has. Get out there and do something awesome.

Your BOTG on the Warpath