• When: 11/11/17
  • QIC: Shots Fired!
  • The PAX: Peekaboo, Pacecar, TNT, The Wreck, Beta, Brexit, CC, Fire and Ice, Snowbird, Backhoe, Olaf, Cruiser, H-Bomb, Louis Vuitton, Fresh Prince, Haggis, Shug, Cannon, Britney

20 PAX posted on a beautiful Veteran’s Day to push themselves, have fun, and give respect to the men and women of our armed forces. It was a fast-paced beatdown!



Around 55-60 degrees, slight winds, perfectly clear


YHC is not a professional. F3 workouts are voluntary and FREE – you are here voluntarily #YouAgainstYou. Modify as needed. Notify the Q or rest of Pax of any serious medical conditions #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself. New Rule: The Q must carry a cellphone.

The Thang

The morning began with a Ruckin Truckin ruck around Memorial Park at 0530. Cruiser, Louis Vuitton, Fire & Ice, Haggis, and Britney set off on a fast pace, average 14:50 p/mile. We carried the American Flags for the journey, with Cruiser in the lead. We made it back just in time for the main show


The goal of my VQ was to always keep the PAX moving to keep our heart rates up at a constant level. This proceeded as follows:

  • A warmup at the kickball field, with:
    • 30 Side Straddle Hops
    • 20 Merkins
    • 30 LBCs
  • Thereafter, with the American Flags on the point and 6, we moseyed double-apple sauce around the back of the school and over to the baseball field. We then paired up for a Dora, where one PAX did 40 pull-ups while the other ran around the bleachers. We then switched to 40 leg step-ups, followed by arms-in-the-air plank fun.
  • We then continued our double-apple sauce run to the enchanted forest, where we continued the Dora of fun. 100 Side-straddle hops in tandem with a run around the circle. Then, 30 little baby arm circles x 2, and a trip to the Morroccan Night Club for more arm work. We stopped at daybreak to say the pledge of allegiance with our Flags, which was memorable. Then the run continued….
  • We then ran back over to the main kickball field for a rousing game of “F3 Capture the Flag.” Six small American flags were arranged in a giant rectangle 2×2, with three rows of flags. At the end of the furthest set of flags, I posted the large American flag about 15 yards further, right in the middle of the two rows. The PAX were then broken up into two teams. each team had to complete the following exercises at the three flag stations (one set per flag station) before they could then bear-crawl to the next flag, and the team that could finish all exercises first as a team and grab the large American Flag at the end was the winner. We began with:
    • 10 Burpees
    • 40 LBCs
    • 40 Copperhead Squats
    • Team 1 yanked the first flag in a hard fought battle
  • Then
    • Rinse and Repeat
    • Team 2 snagged it this time
    • Then
      • A change-up: 50 Side straddle hops, 20 LBCs, and then 10 burpees, with a crab crawl to the finish. It was hard to tell which team won, as a very enthusiastic mumble chatter was going on around this time. Noticeable groaning was heard amongst all of the PAX, most loudly from myself. It was a fun, but in my case, difficult challenge.
  • We then circled up back at the main flags for a 20 imperial walkers double-time style, and then a “choose your own adventure [of pain] where the Q called out certain PAX for exercise requests. Cruiser gave us the sit-up crunch body twister, Fire and Ice rocked a plank challenge for the longest hold (Britney won, shocking) and there was strong legwork by Beta.

In toto, it was a fun workout on a beautiful day, with great fellowship.

CountORama and NameORama

20 PAX, FNGs…. maximum effort was given by all. Great job guys!


TAPs to the Wreck’s friend whose infant child has been diagnosed with cancer, and also to Jessica and the Boys and to Eric and Cruiser.

My parting thought:

We each came here this morning from many different paths, backgrounds, faiths, beliefs, each with a desire to push ourselves, us versus us. We were not satisfied with the comfortable, easy path. We sought out the hard, disciplined path. It is a beautiful thing that we are present here together, challenging ourselves and each other in pursuit of fitness, fellowship, and faith.

Let us now leave this circle empowered, so that we can return back to our wives, children, parents, families, our communities, as better men, men who lead by example and put themselves third.

Finally, let us all pray for those who cannot be here, those who are afflicted, those who need to be lifted up, and those who have gone ahead. And let us especially be mindful that as we sit here in the comfort of fellowship, a U.S. soldier is on post, a Marine is standing guard, a seaman is on the bridge, and an airman is overhead….. many, many others are on eternal post. Keep them all safe and in your thoughts.


Cruiser gave me sage advice during the start of the exercise. I took the lead, and bolted with about half of the PAX to the first challenge… in doing so, I let the 6 get a bit behind me. He gently reminded me to “always keep an eye out for the 6.” That is an important lesson for any new Q, and also for life in general and leading a team. One of the beautiful things that I have witnessed by this group is that we always wait for the 6, you always encourage the last man in, because it is through positive reinforcement that the 6 feels welcome and wants to come back, the gift of positive motivation. I am absolutely the six in many exercises, and its a good lesson for myself or for any VQ to be mindful of where the 6 is at all times. Thanks Cruiser.


Remember to pass the word around via Band to order your holiday Houston f3 shirts asap. Order by 11/21.

TTT will be held at Kirby Ice House on November 16th, be there or be square.

Friday, December 8 – If you are an F3 member who is also an attorney, join me at the Debakey VA Medical Clinic for a three hour pro bono clinic to help vets in need. Contact me via BAND for more info.

Louis Vuitton is training for a Goruck event in January in Galveston, and he is organizing a group if anyone is interested. On that note, F3 Houston is proud to host a Growruck event in late February / Early March 2018 here in the Bayou City! Some guys are starting to regularly train for that, so come on out to the ruck on Monday at the Hogg and Friday at Mt. Houston if interested.

*November Burpee Challenge* > 20 burpees + the day = Nov 1st 21 Burpees, Nov 2nd 22 Burpees = 1,065 Burpees for the month of November.  Keep track on Band.  Push yourself. #NotTooLateToStart



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