It was a frigid 31 degrees when 15 pax including YHC embraced the suck at #thekingdom for Tank Top Thursday. We all discovered that just because the grass is frozen, that doesn’t preclude the ground from being refreshingly wet!

QIC: Hostage
PAX: Camo Spaceballs Bullseye BOP Ruby Tater Prince Chief IPA Mufasa Skipper KFC Sneaker Full House

To combat the freezing temperatures, we started with moseying the short length of the parking lot 6 times, each progressively faster until the last one was a sprint. Broke up each leg with 5 burpees for 25 total plus 10 IC merkins

The Thang, AKA, Ring Around Renie Park

Unless otherwise noted, all exercises performed IC throughout a ~1.5 mile mosey:

Pearl 1
– 20 side straddle hops
– 15 Merkins
– 30 LBCs
– 15 Squats
Pearl 2
– 20 seal jacks
– 15 Travoltas
– 15 Leg lifts
– 15 Imperial squats
Pearl 3
– 10 shoulder tap merkins
– 15 leg lifts
– 15 Hillbilly squats
Pearl 4
– 10 Makhtar N’Diayes
– 15 prisoner squats AKA executioners
Pearl 5
– 10 diamond merkins
– 10 jump squats
Pearl 6
– 6 Spider-Man merkins
– 10 prisoner jump squats AKA jumping executioners
Pearl 7
– 10 merkins
– 10 BBSUs
Pearl 8
– 30 swimmers
– 30 low flutters
Pearl 9
– 50 LBACs
– 30 LBACs flapjack

SnoopDog and I continue to accept donations for Peru. Check out the Peru chatroom for list of suggested donations. I left the AO with a truck bed full of stuff and promises for more. I’m humbled by the pax’s continued support and engagement.

Chief’s friend suffered a major cycling accident and now rehabbing as a quadriplegic. Yesterday at MD Anderson, I met a brave 16yo fighting lymphoma and his family from the Dominican Republic and got to hear a little bit about their struggles the past 3 weeks in MDA and a lot about what they’ve learned appreciate that they used to take for granted. Don’t lose sight of what you have.