After the Kingdom beautifully executed plan to attack The Spigot with a righteous leg day followed by a running challenge to secure the Ghost Flag, a plan to recapture the flag was almost immediately agreed upon and moved to action.

A battle plan was developed, the oars were manned, and 14 Spigot Pax set off on a journey of plunder and triumph. The plan was simple: arrive early, plant the Spigot flag in full view as an ominous foreshadow of the events to come, and perform a hostile takeover of the Q.

YHC simply called out: “Release the Kraken”. Pain and anguish, sprinkled with mumble chatter, ensued

As we sit on the eve of the Spigot launch, kudos to the Kingdom Pax for showing us the way. The Kingdom PAX has embraced the #giveitaway mindset.

The Deets

  • AO: The Kingdom
  • PAX: 44 (Including QIC)
  • FNG: 2 (Scalpel, Hamburgler)
  • PAX: VIBRAM, Bobsled, Choo CHoo, Mall Cop (Respect), Full House, Sticks, Borat, Danimal, Siesta, IPA, Slide Rule, Buck Shot, Beetle Juice, Cool Beans, Spike, Waterboy, Karbach , Grumps (Respect Respect), Flow, No Mas, Robinhood, Pongo, Sneaker, Birdie, Lift Kit, Olive Oil, Rehab, Talledega, Papa John (Respect), Wreck-It (Respect, Respect), The Voice, Snow Cap (Respect), Kick Balls, Mufasa, Prince, Madrid, Popeye, Juicy, Happy Meal, Blood Sport (Respect), Strong Wood
  • QIC: KY
  • Conditions: 45F and clear

The Warm-Up

  • Form up in 4 columns, mosey to back parking lot
  • Split Pax in 2 for logistics
    • Jail Break to curb and back
    • Jail Break to curb and back, line up in order of finish
    • Pair 1st and last place, 2nd place and 2nd to last place, etc. This was done to equalize the performance (pair bat flippers with the six) and keep the group together for the next evolution
  • P1 gather a block

The Kraken (aka The Thang)

  • Flora 1-2-3
    • Similar to a Dora, this is a partner exercise where the teams are working towards a collective rep count. However, unlike a Dora P1 is doing a set number of reps while P2 is performing an isometric hold. The isometric hold prevents the muscles from getting a break and pushes them past their failure point
    • Round 1: 100 Derkins
      • P1: 10 Derkins on the block
      • P2: Hold High Plank
      • Flap Jack
    • Round 2: 200 Block LBCs
      • P1: 20 Block LBCs (block high on chest)
      • P2: Hold 6” (feet held 6” off ground)
      • Flap Jack
    • Round 3: 300 Goblet Squats (H/T BOP for thrashing our legs when taking the Ghost Flag from the Spigot)
      • P1: 25 Goblet Squats with the block
      • P2: Hold All Gore
      • Flap Jack
  • Block Hurricanes – 2 sets of 10 reps on Q (partner held Hollow Hold while P1 worked, Flap Jack)
  • Block Good Mornings – sets of 5 reps on Q (partner performed slick Good Mornings, Flap Jack)
  • P2: Return the blocks, P1: Hold Plank
  • 4 column Mosey back to the flags

Cool Down

  • Broga
    • Touch toes
    • Down Dog
    • Table Top
    • Cobra
    • Plank Reach Through

Pledge, COT, BOM


  • Spigot Launch – Apr 24
  • 30/30 – Apr 23 (VIBRAM & Papa John QIC)
  • Brew Ruck leaving from No Label – May 1

Naked Man Moleskin

YHC recently was challenged with his next role within F3, a TRUEbadour. TRUEbadours are culture builders who help spread the truth of F3 within the Nation. Essentially, we are charged with ensuring the Pax understands the 3F’s (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith) and the regions are supporting the 5 Core Principles (Disruption, Language, Group, LDP, and Preparedness). Preparedness encompasses the typical Q Source materials (Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right), however I don’t see as strong focus on the other 4 principles. I’d issue that as a challenge to the AO Q’s to also cover those.

For this dig in, YHC wants to bring up the Group Principle. Specifically a study of a Lizard, Bullfrog, and a Leach Organization. As a reminder, an Organization can exist within a Community. An organization is when 2 or more gather to achieve the mission of the Community. It could be an AO or even a group of individuals within an AO.

A Lizard is an organization that seeks change through movement. Its leaders are forward thinking, disruptive, and visionary. In fact, a Lizard’s leaders are often thinking out beyond the Organization’s vision. There are very few Lizard Organizations.

A Bullfrog is an organization that seeks to maintain itself. Imagine a Bullfrog that just wants to stay on its Lilly pad, only moving to maintain that position. A Bullfrog is made up of leaders that act more like Managers. They act only to protect what they achieve. They like the status quo. They do not like disruptive leaders because it disrupts the status quo. Most organizations are Bullfrogs

Lastly, the Leach Organization. The Leach organization is a failed organization that is crumbling from within. There are no leaders, only survivors. Every man for himself, trying to gain advantage by drawing energy from the Bullfrog organizations that are too lazy to address them and shake them off. They ultimately destroy an organization because their self serving practices to gain advantage will draw the life out until the organization is no more.

The PAX has heard YHC remind them that every man in the BOM is a Leader regardless if he holds a position. These maybe challenging words for us, but YHC sees all three types of Organizations within the F3 Katy and F3 Houston Community. It is easy to find them, when you look through this lens.

YHC challenges ever PAX to take a hard look at themselves, even ask their Shieldlock for a candid review. Is the Pax living off the energy of others by trying to drag them down, discount their achievements, generally afraid of any change, like a Leach? Is the Pax comfortable with how things are, focusing on maintain status quo, not growing, like a Bullfrog? Or is the Pax asking more of those around him, charting a new path, leading innovation, a visionary, like a Lizard on the move?

Time to have a candid conversation with yourself and your Shield Lock. This is on the Warpath to self understanding and growth.

Your BOTG on the Warpath