• When: 2021.03.09
  • AO: The Spigot
  • QIC: KY
  • The PAX: Waldo, Slide Rule, Birdie, Prince, Robinhood, Mall Cop (R), Lift Kit, Borat
  • Conditions: 59F

A challenge was issued by the San Antonio pax, promising margaritas for each pax that completed 4 different WODs to prep us for the upcoming GrowRuck Alamo.  And how could YHC look himself in the mirror if he passed it up.

This was tough.  An AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) style workout.  YHC modified slightly and kept the pax together rather than letting them run free.  Upside is that everyone got crushed.  Downside…well… everyone got crushed.

The Thang
  • 10x Ruck High Pull – On Q
  • 6x Ruck Man Makers – IC
  • 10x Flutter Kicks Rucks Pressed – IC
  • 10x Brick Yards – OYO
  • 10x Ruck Squats – IC
  • Ruck around AO

Rinse & Repeat for 40 minutes


CountORama and NameORama



The AO leadership asked YHC to read and cover The Whetstone (Q1.8). YHC has read a significant part of the Q Source, but this was a new passage for him.  What YHC took away from the reading was a deep dive into a Mentor/Mentee relationship: how to culture it, what it does, who is in it.  There is a lot to unpack from that short passage, which is why YHC recommends a read by the Pax.  However, the thing that struck YHC the most was how both the Stone and the Knife (read it to understand that), both get something from the relationship.  The Knife by the Stone through the act of providing guidance and the Stone by the default nature of having to walk the talk.

Call to action: Read the passage and find your Knife or your Stone.  Get better.



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