We rolled 16 strong through #thegloom this morning – what a way to start the day.


YHC is not a professional and I don’t play one on TV.  F3 workouts are free and voluntary.  Use good form and don’t be afraid to ask for a demonstration.   Modify if you need to modify.   Pace yourself, er… push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself!  #youagainstyou


The temp this AM was ~70 degrees, but it felt great out given low humidity and a nice breeze.

Warm it Up:

Mosey from parking lot over to Bushwood Country Club – Circle up in BWCC parking lot.

  • SSH 20x
  • Abe Vigodas 15x
  • Morrocan Night Club 15x
  • Imperial Walkers 15x

The Thang:

Short mosey from BWCC parking lot to the driving range for some pole dancing

  • Donkey kicks – 15x (OYO)
  • Australian pull ups 15x (OYO)
  • Lunges 15x (OYO)

Rinse and Repeat – 1x

Another brisk Mosey over to the Circle of Park Benches

Two men to a bench:

  • Dips – 15x (IC)
  • Step Ups – 10x each leg (OYO)
  • American Hammers – 15x (IC)
  • Derkins – 10x (IC)

Rinse and Repeat 1x

Third and final mosey to St. Teresa’s backside for the main event.

Partner up and grab a love sack; make way for some DORAs!:

  • Burpee’s – 40
  • Mountain climbers (4-count) – 50
  • Squats – 60

When one partner does the exercise, the other runs/walks with the sandbag to the end of the parking lot and back.

Form up again and head back to the shovel flags, with an inspiring, Camo-led jail break.   We got back to the shovel flags a little early, so we did 2x plank circles.   Those really get the shoulders and triceps.


16 Pax, no FNGs.

Ball of Man:

We raised up Hammertime after his surgery as well as Hostage.  Let’s keep them in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.  Leprechaun gave an update on the Grow Ruck challenge.   Per the event cadre, its set up so we all can finish together; no reason we shouldn’t all do it right?   It will be a blast and will include some good F3 leadership training leading up to the overnight ruck march.


It’s been a while since YHC’s had the honor of the Q so I was a little bit rusty, but it felt great to get back in the saddle.


GrowRuck 03 challenge: June 9 – 11 in New Orleans.   See my note above. We’re training for this event every weekend.   We’ll meet at the Hogg on Saturday at 0500 and do some ruckin’.   Sign up for the event here: http://bit.ly/2nWxT5H

Twitter/Band: We have a good comms system going for F3 Houston via Twitter and Band.   Get on either and look up F3 for regular updates and #Mumblechatter. Inferno or one of the toher PAX (YHC included) can also help get you hooked up.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today. BOOM!