21 PAX soaked up the morning humidity and did some old school sprinting work.  I was hoping to incorporate the baseball diamond into the routine but apparently the mayor keeps it under lock and key.

YHC hasn’t posted an official BB yet so this one will be short and sweet as I feel my way through this.

Warm Up: Double Apple Sauce mosey through the church parking lot with a mix of high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, and side shuffles.  YHC forgot the actual warm up and jumped right into some bleacher work where we knocked out 50 partner pull ups and 50 partner knee ups.  Then we started the actual stretching phase of the workout and knocked out: SSH 20x IC, Abe Vegodas x 10 ISC, Grass Grabbers x 10 ISC, and Armorama.

The Thang: Ladder Sprints with partners where one sprinted 10 yards x 2 while the other planked.  This was followed by 20 yard sprints x 2, 30 yards x 2, and 40 yards x 2.  A much needed 15 count was provided by Beta.  We then laddered down with 40 x 2, 30 x 2, 20 x 2, and 10 yard sprints x 2.  This is where I heard a few “please Hammer don’t hurt em’s” as I was asking myself why didn’t I stick with a simple jog around the memorial loop??  But of course, as much fun as one round was…wouldn’t another be even better?  The answer was YES so we rinsed and repeated and exchanged planks for squats.  Afterwards, I think a few PAX wanted to say “please Hammer don’t hurt em” but couldn’t find the oxygen…myself included.

Had some time to kill so we hit the bleachers for 20 steps ups per leg OYO, Dips x 20 IC, and the American Hammer Time x 20 IC.  Afterwards, we moseyed back to the flags before the inevitable jailbreak call sprinted us back to the flags for more oxygen sucking.

In the CoT, TAPS was asked by Duggar for an F3 brother Crab Walk, Cruiser’s Sister in Law, and the Mick’s friend all of whom are battling various forms of cancer.  Godspeed to all of them and their support team.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Take this time and what it provides for you as a catalyst to help all of us become Better Leaders, Better Listeners, and Better Lovers.

Hammer Time