It was a cool morning…well, not really…you wouldn’t think so, if you had just moved down from the North, but if you’ve been here long enough, 60° F begins to feel kind of cool…anyway, it was a cool, clear morning, as 18 Pax assembled in The Gloom for some playtime with Coupons. Actually, as with most F3 workouts, they didn’t know that was the plan, as they pulled up to the AO, but it was what lay ahead of them.

Having given the usual Disclaimer, YHC took the Pax on a reverse mosey around St. Theresa’s Church. As with any path you take frequently, but suddenly reverse the course of direction on, somehow it felt like we were covering new ground. YHC normally would’ve gone with some Butt Kickers and High Knees, along with Karaokes, but YHC just felt like moseying, so that’s what we did. Just before we finished the loop back to the AO parking lot, YHC had the Pax run backwards. Didn’t want them getting too comfy or bored so early on. It also alloweed YHC to reconfirm the Count.

As we pulled back in, YHC popped the back of his Urban ATV to reveal stacks of Coupons. The Pax were instructed to “Grab a Pair” (a phrase that seems to produce an endless stream of Beavis & Butthead type chuckling from the Pax…”Heh-he. He said Pair.”) and circle up at the SF. To kick off the #Thang and Warmuprama, the Pax performed SSH x 25 IC, Windmills x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, and Low Slow Squats x 20 IC. Or something pretty close to that.

Afterwards, we moseyed on over to the parking lot in front of the public pool…The Bishop would probably have a better name for the area, but for now, let’s just call it the Wet Spot. At said Wet Spot, YHC had the Pax perform 3 sets of the following three exercises: SSH with Coupons, Skiers, and Ground & Pounds. YHC had some trepidation about having the Pax attemp such exercises with Coupons in their hands, being fearful that weakened grips might lead to a broken noes or toes at some point along the way. Fortunately, the Pax proved strong and no asteroids were sent hurtling around.

After that, the Pax moved to the adjacent play circle, where we used the small ledge for Single Leg Step Up Overhead Presses (almost as complicated to say or type as it is to do), Dips x 20 IC, and 15 In/Outs.

Checking YHC’s watch, it was time to head back to the SF (funny how quickly time moves when you’re having fun). Back at the SF, Bublé got the Pax to plank, while YHC retrieved his phone for the Name-O-Rama. Returning to the SF, YHC realized there was time for Just One More exercise, the Super Duper Cooler, sure to grow into a crowdpleaser.


  • YHC is glad no one ended up in the hospital from an allergic reaction to Coupons…i.e. bricks-to-the-face or toes-crushed-by-Coupons.
  • Tclaps Tumbleweed for taking #SecondHelpings. Glad to see you came back!
  • Welcome Reverend, great to have you back in town. Always welcome.
  • Don’t forget to order the new F3 Houston shirt…swag, you want it:
  • Saturday, there’s a chance to Double Down. Round One sets off 0600-0700 and will be a String of Pearls (SoP). Round Two is the regularly scheduled BC 0700-0800. So, #NoExcuses…see you out there!


  • SAD CLOWN: A man who seems Happy on the outside but is Joyless on the inside, going through the motions of life in the manner in which he perceives is expected of him from the culture rather than in the manner he has designed for himself. Having no real Purpose in life (other than existential continuity), he lives for little else than to be told at his deathbed that his last check has cleared. He can usually be identified by inconsistent Fitness (he cyclically gains and loses the same 40 pounds), loneliness (he lacks true meaningful male friends) and lack of Purpose (he has no idea why he does the things he does).
  • SAD CLOWN SYNDROME: A state of chronic Sad Clown-ism.