12 PAX posted for YHC’s perfectly timed VQ this morning – not at all ‘Tardy-to-the-Party’.

Inferno set the bar a few weeks back with what is now known as the “Inferno Bridge”.  The bridge and the stairs make for some burning legs.  Getting to and from the bridge in a hour also takes a bit of work.  YHC had a rough idea of his plan the evening before.  Intel from Duggar, also the night before, exposed a small flaw…  YHC’s distances were going to be way off.

YHC got to the AO a bit early to test my plan and, of course, it was flawless?!  After rucking out to the bridge, taking note of all the obstacles that could work into the workout, YHC tested a few of the exercises out to see how they would work.  Perfect… Good to go:


YHC is a rooky. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. #YouAgainstYou. Modify as needed. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself. Aye!


Beautiful and 65F


The warmup was kept to a minimum with the Abe Vigoda, Side Startle Hop, and Tiny Arm circles.

#The Thang

We partnered up according to weight and headed out for a Mosey around the 5k loop with stops for pain stations along the way as follows:

Pain station one was the back to back partner squats, peeling off at the end and running to the other end.  This stretched out 100 yards.

Pain station two: Head to head with your partner Merkins and Derkins were the choice of weaponry at the next pain station as we could take advantage of a small hill in the park.

Pain station three: The stairs and bridge were now on deck. Sits up on the stairs with a ruck sack are great, as I tested early in the am. Sits up on stairs with your back digging into a concrete edge without a ruck sack are below average, as we are now fully aware. Ummmm, my bad.

We took advantage of the stairs with hopping up and running down.  We hopped by one and hopped by two and threw in a some tiny dancing too.

Pain station four: The tunnel of love was the next pain station.  Holding an arching plank as the crew bear crawls under the plank is tough.  Dodging land mines, aka poo piles, adds to the scale of difficulty.  We on point with our poo detection,  the first detected poo pile was between my left hand and Inferno’s right.  “Watch out guys, poo ahead.”  On the third rinse and repeat the Tunnel of Love exploded with a direct hit to a poo land mine.  There was no TP to help with this.

Pain station five: We had spotted Marines at the “fun deck” during the first hour of workout.  This became our next target for a pain station.  Due to my noobieness with setting up the exercises, I asked Cruiser to lead the group.  He was money as we did dips and American hammers like pros.

We thanked the Marines for their service and made it back to the AO.

#CountORama / #NameORama

12 PAX. T’claps Brothers!

1 FNG joined us this morning – welcome Hoser (a Canadian reference that Cruiser is still trying to explain to everyone). He was EH’d by CA’s former trainer who hopefully Bishop can get out with us soon.

#BoM (Ball of Man)

T’Claps to HammerTime for taking us out today. The Pax paid respects to PaceCar’s friend who is still in ICU recovering from surgery – TAPs!


Spartan Race on May 21;

Spartan Race. https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1880/overview?filter=sprint

  • When: Sunday, May 21, 2017
  • Where: Reveille Peak Ranch|105 CR 114 Burnet, TX 78611
  • Event Q: We need a Q for the F3 Houston Pax. #leadershipopp Who wants it?
    • Leprechaun, I’m lookin’ at you #SteppinUp #TakingCharge!

Registration Info:

  • Event:Spartan Sprint (NOT the Super)
  • Heat: Sunday Morning, 1115-1200 Heat
  • Team Name: F3Texas
  • Password: Fish61


GrowRuck 03 – New Orleans June 9-11 combines F3 Grow School with a GoRuck Tough. Details to follow. Have no doubt, this will be a transformative event for the PAX that do it, as well as for F3 Houston and F3 Texas. Get excited!

F3 COMZ. Because we are only working out together 3-4 hours a week, communication between the Pax is a key way to build our Fellowship as a group. #CommunicationIsKey There are multiple ways to stay in touch: Band is the main Comz Channel (download the app), Twitter, Facebook, F3Nation.com.


This was a great experience and I’m honored that you guys let me have a go at the Q.