The triple threat of El Blanco, Weedwacker (YHC), and The Wreck brought the ruckus to 15 PAX on yet-another steamy morning at #TheGeneral. Mo’ Qs=Mo’ Better. YHC chooses to play the role of Suzanne Somers pending PAX approval.


The various Qs are not professionals. This is a voluntary workout.  Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. Modify or stop if necessary.


79 Degrees, 70% humidity. Gross.


Circle the flag and behold the breathtaking majesty of the El Blanco warm-up.

  • Side Straddle Hops x 25 IC
  • Abe Vigoda x 11 IC
  • Grassgrabber x 11 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 16 IC
  • LBAC x 15 IC, then reverse x 15 IC

The Thang

March of the Merkins:

Led by El Blanco the PAX performed a modified Indian Run adding 7 Merkins to the drop before sprinting to the front of the line. Continue for approx. ½ mile.

Weedwacker Takeover at the Western Front:

  • Flashdancers (High-Knee with Up/Downs) x 10. Headband-related Mumble Chatter is to Weedwacker as Mushroom is to Super Mario #IrockedtheSAT.
  • Burpee-Broad Jumps. Three trips across the parking lot with bearcrawls on the final return.
  • Mosey past the agua to the wall.
  • Nasty Hookups (Clockwise) x 15 IC
  • Nasty Hookups (Counter-clockwise) x 15 IC
  • Angry Chair x 30 IC

Mosey back to the flag for an El Blanco-led Low Flutter x 50 IC.

Make way for The Wreck and his (patent-pending) sprints:

  • 6 Flyer sprints (4 light-poles each.) Twenty-count between each sprint seemed WAY too short.
  • 1 Back-pedal sprint for 3 light poles
  • 1 final sprint (3 light poles)

Finishing Wreck-touches:

  • American Hammer x 15 IC
  • Rosalita x 15 IC. On second thought, this exercise is reminiscent of the ThighMaster, so perhaps The Wreck should be Suzanne Somers.

This collection of movements resulted in the PAX appearing to be appropriately exercised.

Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

15 PAX with 2 FNGs courtesy of Jackrabbit and Duggar-by-proxy! Welcome to Kickstand and Guitar Hero!

Ball of Man

Circle of Trust, Ball of Man and Thoughts and Prayers

TClaps to the GrowRuck crew, big motivator to turn out in Austin in 2018.

TAPs to Cruiser as his wheels recover post-ruck – hope to have you back soon.

Father’s Day Convergence this weekend. Check BAND and post hard-commits.

#Tclaps to The Wreck for taking us out.

Note: Please ignore the flash-flood warning from 0618 this morning, that was a false alarm generated after Duggar squeezed-out his shirt post-workout.

Thank you for the opportunity to mix it up today with the multi-Q. Time for some VQs at the General in the coming weeks!