A group of 10 PAX got down with some Parking Lot Games @ #thegeneral. YHC was convinced that after the 100 Burpee beat down that Jackrabbit delivered to start the week, he must provide some Hump Day entertainment for the PAX to enjoy. To hide the pain that was coming, YHC decided we’d make a game out of it.

74°, 80% humidity, 100% chance of Burpees.

YHC is not a professional.  This workout is voluntarily and free of charge. Modify as needed. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself. Aye!

Circle of Pain (COP)


Abe Bogota X 15 IC
Grass Grabbers X 15 IC

Lil Baby Arm Circles X 10 IC

Reverse X 10 IC

The Thang

Now that we are nice and loose, let’s Mosey… down to the South End of the Parking Lot for this mornings first game…

Burpee Bear Big Boy Black Jack (#BBBBBJ)

Start with 7 Burpees, bear crawl across the parking lot (the short across), do 21 Big Boy Sit Ups. Rinse & Repeat twice to bring totals to 21 Burpees and 63 Big Boy Sit Ups.

Now that we are breathing heavily, let’s mosey out and around to the other side of #thegeneral.

Partner Up for a quick Dora

Partner 1 – Start with Dips – Dip until Partner Gets Back. Partner 2 does dips. Then Partner 1 does step ups until partner gets back. AMRAP

Partner 2 – Run to the Walk-way and back

Rinse & Repeat

Chutes & Ladders

  1. Start at the Base Line
  2. Run to the first Light Post – 10 Merkins, Back to the Base Line
  3. Run to the Flags – 10 Merkins, 1st Light Post – 10 Star Jacks, Back to the Base Line
  4. Run to Third Light Post – 10 Merkins, Flags – 10 Star Jacks, 1st – Plank Jacks, Back to the Base Line
  5. Run to Third Light Post – 10 Star Jacks, Flags  – Plank Jacks, 1st – 10 Imperial Walkers, Back to the Base Line
  6. Run to Third Light Post – 10 Plank Jacks, Flags – 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Wide Armed Merkins, Back to the Base Line
  7. Run to Third Light Post – 10 Imperial Walkers, Flags – 10 Wide Armed Merkins, Back to the Base Line
  8. Run to Third Light Post – 10 Wide Armed Merkins, Recover

10 PAX. No FNG’s. Need to pick up the EH’ing heading into the summer.

Naked Moleskin

YHC’s take away after a few days reflecting on his last Q (sorry for this being tardy) is that more and more for YHC, the workout with the PAX is TRULY FUN. Whether it is a team building DORA or some sort of #YouAgainstYou game, smiling and laughing while receiving (or delivering) a beatdown has become an everyday occurrence (it wasn’t 3 months ago).  Thanks to all PAX for being a part of that… YHC is grateful.



GrowRuck 03 in New Orleans June 9-11 combines F3 Grow School with a GoRuck Tough. Have no doubt, this will be a transformative event for the PAX that do it, as well as for F3 Houston and F3 Texas. Get excited! HCs from Leprechaun (Event Q), Cruiser, Duggar, Inferno, Britney, TP, JackRabbit & Cannon. We need more from the Houston PAX. We also need drivers >>> a non-participant in the actual ruck that can drive some very tired & worn out souls back to Houston from NOLA (you’ll earn plenty of drinks on Friday, a solid beatdown Saturday AM and some great 2nd F).

F3 COMZ. Because we are only working out together 3-4 hours a week, communication between the Pax is a key way to build our Fellowship as a group. #CommunicationIsKey There are multiple ways to stay in touch… start with BAND – download here: http://band.us/n/a7a8Uek6x3Y7H.

Thank you for letting me lead this fun filled morning. Looking forward to more #BBBBBJ in the near future.

El Blanco