Ten PAX and a Q posted in the #Gloom for their DRP.


YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Modify as

needed #YouAgainstYou #GetThoseReps. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


65 degrees with moderate humidity (for The Hogg). All in all, a beautiful morning #DryGrass.

 Warm up: Mosey / agility runs (back peddle, high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle R/L) via Pool

Parking Lot to Lost Playground.

 COP: Not just an extended warm up – we’re putting the Pain back into the Circle of Pain. Vary IC

and Civilian Cadence (CC) to get 20 reps each of the following:

o Little Baby Arm Circles, Squats, Big Baby Arm Circles, Sumo Squats – 20x each

o Flutter Kick, Ranger Merkin, Dolly, Werkin;

o Side plank leg lift (R), half bridge pulses, side plank leg lift (L), bird dog;

o Merkin, high flutter kick, Iron Cross Merkin, Rosalita.

 Mosey over the Lost Playground. Exploding Incline Merkins AMRAP, finishing to 20x with regular

Incline Merkins. #ExplosionCreatesPower

 Mosey to the Pool Parking Lot – walk balance beam light pole to light pole – 2x.


 Mosey to Lost 40, 3/4 speed across (too dark and bumpy for a jail break)

 Mosey to the trees by the Flag. Say hello to my little friends, Los Conitas. #GetReadyForHillWork

Conita Plyo-Sprint (CPS). Building on our last session. Line up across. Assign line leaders. Plyo

exercise to middle cone, sprint to end. Next line starts when line in front of you gets halfway. At

end, peel to the side. Back peddle to first cone, jog back to start. Today cones are 15 yards apart.

Go low and slow on plyo, sprint hard to get the most benefit.

o Side shuffle 4x (LRLR) – 10 count to catch our breath

o Lunge walk 3x – move right into Frog Jumps, no rest

o Frog Jumps 2x – 10 count to catch our breath

o 1-leg hops 1x each leg

 Time to get back to the Flag. T’claps to Cannon for the jailbreak…he saved us from an Animal


 Circle up around the Flag. Just enough time for a little Bear Crawl and Crab Walk

counterclockwise before finishing up the day with Apollo Creed Burpees 2x #foreshadowing

CountORama and NameORama

11 men. No FNG’s. Greetings and Welcome to WhatDid who is DR from Fort Mill

BoM (Ball of Man)

Dr. Seuss reminded us all to be thankful for what we have and to remember those who are

suffering and facing challenges this holiday season. WhatDid pointed out that our strength and

leadership in the community can help counteract the worry and unease felt by the Berlin attack

and other global uncertainties. Duggar reminded us that Whiskey has friends directly impacted

by the Berlin attack and to send TAPs.


YHC doesn’t have a mileage or calorie count for today. Just know that we offset roughly 1% of

your bad holiday food and drink decisions.

We mixed it up today with a longer COP in the darkest spot we could find.

Explosive Incline Merkins – good for two things: explosive body weight exercises build power and

strength, and gaining comfort moving through space.

The balance beam didn’t challenge cardio or strength; good for stabilizing muscles and improving

balance – might come in handy if, say, one were to enter an obstacle race. If the President-Elect

saw our performance this morning, he would no doubt tweet DISGUSTING! VERY SAD.

At risk of getting repetitive we revisited YHC’s little friends, Los Conitas. One day, my friends,

we’ll be able to progress 4/3/2/1 without a break.

Quick Reminders

Saturday: Ho Ho Ho! 06:00 and 07:00

Tuesday: VQ from Boring. Promises NOT to be b-o- o-o- r-r- i-i- ng!

Wednesday: TheGeneral, aka BlackJack. Pershing Middle School, every Wednesday at 5:30am.

YHC has the Q next week…change of scenery, new exercises, and as of this writing…no Conitas.

This Week: This is a great time to remind you to Hard Commit (HC) for the Spartan Sprint, which

the AOs of F3 Texas will be converging on May 21. Check it out:



AND to EH Sad Clowns at holiday gatherings!


The New Year: 1/2/(F)3 Convergence. More details to follow.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.