• When: 03/07/17
  • QIC: StakeOut
  • The PAX: Sidecar, CC, CA, Backhoe, Bublay, The Abbot, Whisky, El Blanco, The Wreck, Jump Seat, Cruiser, Boring, Jackrabbit, Brittney, Leprechaun, JR Ewing, Fireball, Smoothy, Inferno, Dugger, Stakeout (QIC), Pace Car, Temp (FNG)

A nice 70 degree humid morning met the 23 men gather in the gloom for their daily dose of pain.  This was Stakeout’s first Q, adding a little San Antonio spice to the mix.

The Thang

Mosey to church parking lot for a nice “warmup”

  • SSH 30×4
  • Merkins 15×4
  • Imperial Walker 20×4
  • Man Makers 20×4
  • Squats 30×4
  • Grass Grabber 15×4
  • Carolina Dry Dock 15×4
  • Monkey Humpers 15×4
  • Diamond Merkins 10×4
  • Tin Man 15×4
  • Mike Tysons 15×4

Mosey to the parking lot next to the driving range.  Line up on one end of parking lot and pair up for bit of fun.

  • Partner 1 bear crawl halfway across parking lot then sprint to the end and then sprint back to start line.  Partner 2 performs 3 burpees, 6, merkins, 9 squats in continuous loop until partner 1 returns.  Flap jack.  Rinse and repeat x 2.
  • Partner 1 lunges halfway across parking lot then sprint to end, bear crawl halfway back then sprint to start line. Partner 2 does 5 star jumps and 5 merkins in a continuous loop until partner 1 returns.  Flap jack. Rinse and repeat x 2.
  • Circle up for some baby arm circles – 20×4 front, hold for 10 count, then 20×4 backwards, hold for 10 count, then overhead hand claps 20×4.
  • 4 minutes of mary
    • Dolly 20×4, 10 count hold
    • Rosalita 20×4, 10 count hold
    • Freddy Mercury 20×4

Mosey back to shovel flag.  Before we conclude do wide arm merkins for good measure, 10×4.





  • The Pax was a bit confused, they were thrown a last minute audible with the Q as Stakeout stepped in last minute for Dugger.  This was Stakeouts first Q in Houston.
  • There was lots of mumble chatter as the exercise reps went beyond the expected number, #DidQLooseCount?
  • Merkins in all its glorious variations were the talk of the day; if anyone is wondering 179+ were knocked out.  Arms were swollen with blood when all was said and done. #LookAtThoseGuns.
  • Don’t forget, “Its Suppose to Hurt”

Over and Out

Stake Out