• When: 09/05/2017
  • QIC: Weedwacker
  • The PAX: Cobra Khan, Smokey the Bear, Podcast, Crosswalk (R), TP, Boy Scout, Weedwacker

7 PAX woke up early, dodged the curfew, and kept the momentum going at The Trinity’s temporary AO Walter Hall Park.

 (Aside – given that the temporary AO has been proven to produce high-quality Merlot, I hereby move that it is given the name #thevineyard)


79 Degrees, 70% humidity, felt worse than that for some reason.


YHC is not a professional. This is a free, voluntary workout. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself, and modify or stop as needed.

The Thang

YHC was warned about the overwhelming presence of fire ants, which inspired a change in plan to an asphalt-only workout.

Mosey to the boat ramp.

  • Side Straddle Hops x 72 IC (goal was 99, but the PAX were clearly getting bored/irritated)
  • Seal Jacks x 20 IC
  • Cross-Squat Jacks x 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 20 IC
  • Grassgrabber x 10 IC
  • Abe Vigoda x 10 IC

Mosey to the thing that looks like a carport, but without any wide path leading to it which clearly means it isn’t a carport, and there are no tables in it so it’s not a covered picnic area, and there are no basketball goals on it so it’s not a covered basketball court, so I’m not sure what the intended purpose of the structure is other than to provide a flat surface for:


Burpee broken down into

  • Power Squats
  • Manmakers
  • In-and-Out Abs (Animal Style)
  • Bobby Hurley Leaps

Each exercise 45 seconds at a time, OYO, as many as you can do for a total of 3 min.

Rest 45 seconds.

Repeat x 1

(Note – An additional repeat was proposed but resoundingly rejected.)

Moderate-length Indian Run around the cars and back to the central parking lot for:

  • Burpee Broad Jump/Bear Crawl Medley across the lot x 3

Duck quickly into the thing that looks like an open-air Bingo hall for

  • The Dip x 20

Mosey back to the cars, accented by some Merlot vintage 2017, to finish with a crowd-pleasing:

  • Imperial Walker x 50 IC

This series of events resulted in the PAX appearing to be properly exercised.

CountORama and NameORama

7 PAX, no FNGs.

These #thetrinity guys are really holding this new AO group together despite the devastation of the storm, BIG TCLAPS to the guys, you should be really proud of yourselves for keeping this thing going. Those of us from the other AOs – please try to make it down and join this group sometime and see for yourself what they have growing.


Harvey and the response very much on everyone’s mind, of course. Personal stories were discussed at length.


Much attention has been paid to the F3 demo crew on Twitter and BAND, and we are appropriately VERY proud of that work, no doubt — but let’s give BIG UPS to all of the PAX who have been contributing in other ways – cooking meals at League City Shelter at Hometown Heroes Park (Crosswalk), or leading the medical team at the NRG shelter (Daredevil), or continuing to make boat missions in the still-flooded parts of west Houston (Camo). These are just a few examples coming off the top of my head — so many of our guys have contributed in so many ways, YHC is proud to be a part of this great group of LEADERS who have prepared themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially (don’t overlook that last one) to meet the challenge of this moment. The challenge will continue, and we will continue to rise to meet it.

Rest in peace to my friend Colette Sulcer who drowned saving her 3 year old daughter Jordyn.



Next workout at #thetrinity alternative site (i.e. #thevineyard) – Saturday 0630.

Upcoming Area of Operations (AOs):
  • Boerne – Sep 16th
    • Launch-Q : Hannibal in San Antonio
    • Get with The Bishop for details
  • Katy – Oct 7th
    • Launch-Q : Camo
  • Austin – Oct 28th
    • Launch in the AM / Capital Ruck Tour in the PM
  • Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita area – End 2017
    • Launch-Q : Cruiser
  • Sugar Land – Early 2018
    • Launch-Q : Inferno
Start EH’ing your friends and family for these upcoming AOs!!
Get with the above AO-Qs if you are available to help support these AOs.

For those few of you who have not yet signed on – get onto BAND today, either via smartphone app (links here: apple / android), or via the website. This is our new preferredComz Channel going forward – download it and join the band called “F3 Houston” to get all the info on F3 Houston. Here is where you can learn who are the upcoming Qs, sign up yourself to be the Q, read our Backblasts for each WO, learn details of our next CSAUPs, and as usual, make fun of the guys in the Pax in general with some good ol’ Mumble Chatter.

Thank you for the opportunity to be with this great group again – WW