◾ When: 07/19/17

◾ QIC: Hookup

◾ The PAX:   Dugger, Whiskey(R), Monty, Detention, Lil Papi, The Wreck, Fireball, Brass Monkey, Gemini, Kickstand, Britney, Stakeout(R),  Hookup(QIC)

13 PAX posted at #TheGeneral for a visit from the Kraken.


YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Modify as needed. #YouAgainstYou. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions.


Balmy 77 degrees, 91% humidity.  Wind zippo.

#Warm Up

  • 30x SSH
  • 10x Abe Vigoda
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • 10x Grass Grabbers
  • 10x Tin Soldiers

# The Thang


Kraken Burpies/Big Boy Sit-ups.

YHC had to admit that 165 hand release merkins might not be the best way to start the morning, but PAX smiled it off with usual aplomb.


Mosey to the bench

  • 20x American Hammer
  • 20x Box Jumps OYO

Mosey to other bench

  • 20x In and Outs
  • 20x Skull Crushers

Mosey to the wall.

  • 20x Dirty Hookup
  • 20x Copperhead Squat

# Cool down

Mosey to the wall.

  • 20x Hand to Toes
  • Reverse LBC
  • 30x LBC


CountORama and NameORama:


13 PAX

** **