• When: 01/13/2018
  • QIC: JR Ewing
  • The PAX: Tater, Big Star, McLovin’ (WarBaby, HHH), Flip Flop, Camo, Knob Creek, KFC, Hundo (FNG), Bullseye (WarDaddy, R), JR Ewing

Ten men pushed through 100 burpees in a World Series inspired workout!

To the tune of “Take me out to the Ball Park”:


  • Take me out to the Kingdom,
  • Take me out with the PAX;
  • Buy JR some Kotters and Cracker Jacks,
  • I don’t care if Knob Creek throws out his back.
  • Let me root, root, root for McLovin’,
  • 2H Flip Flop and FNG Hundo.
  • For it’s one, two, three F’s, you’re in,
  • At the 100 burpee game.

Cold and Crisp.


YHC is not a professional. F3 workouts are voluntary and FREE – you are here voluntarily #YouAgainstYou. Use good form. Modify as needed. #Don’tBeAMachoJerk Notify the Q or rest of Pax of any serious medical conditions #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself.

The Thang

Post disclaimer jog through the Church porte cochère to warm up by the shovelflags.

CoP 1 – warm up:

  • one slow burpee #UseGoodForm
  • SSH x13 IC
  • two slow burpees
  • IW x13 IC
  • three slow burpees #PatternEmerges
  • Grass Grabbers x13 IC
  • four slow burpees
  • Abe Vigoda x13 IC

Cumulative burpee total = 10.

CoP 2 – Burpee Form:

Mosey to the southwest parking lot #FamilyCircusStyle.

  • man-maker burpees x10 OYO

Cumulative burpee total = 20.

CoP 3 – Baseball Burpees – Regular Season

  • Baseball Burpees – Mosey to light pole, and circle up. Divide PAX into two squads. Send squads to katty-corner light poles. For baseball burpees, each squad starts their light pole. That pole is your home plate. When Q calls “exercise!”, run to your first base. Do 1 Burpee at first base. Then run to second for 2 Burpees. Continue with 3 at third, and 4 at home. (1+2+3+4 burpees)
  • Rinse and Repeat (1+2+3+4 burpees) with recovery mosey between bases.
  • Conference at pitchers mound – little arm circles x13 IC, reverse arm circles x13 IC, lightbulbs x13 IC
  • Rinse and Repeat (1+2+3+4 burpees) with backpedal mosey between bases.
  • Pitchers Mound – Grass Grabbers x13 IC, duck Squat x13 IC, monkey humpers x13 IC

Cumulative Burpee Total at 50!

CoP 4 – Burpee Form Check

  • 10 Partner Burpees – split the PAX into two groups. Partner A demonstrates 2 burpees, Partner B provides constructive feedback and encouragement. Flapjack. Rotate for 3 burpees with feedback, then five more burpees with feedback.

Cumulative Burpee Total at 60!

CoP 5- DL

  • Each Squad points right arm in the air.  On count of three point at a man in your squad.  Man with most votes falls down with “injury”.  Thanks Camo and FNG Hundo!
  • Squads carefully carry “injured man” back to shovelflag.
  • Halfway back- miracle recovery.  Switch injured man.  Thanks McLovin’ and Tater.
  • Squads carefully carry “injured man” back to shovelflag.

CoP 6 – Baseball Burpees – Division Series

  • Baseball burpees in 4 squads – bearcrawl from home to first base, recovery mosey other bases
  • Mary at the Pitchers mound – low flutter x13 IC, rosalita x13 IC, freddy mercury x13 IC, high flutter x13 IC, vampires cross sit up x5 IC
  • Baseball burpees in 4 squads – 10 lunge walks between bases
  • Indian run through the Church porte cochère back to the shovel flag. #McLovinLeads

Cumulative burpee total = 80!

CoP 7 – Baseball Burpees – World Series

  • Plank-a-rama RAH, LAH, RLH, LLH, LARLH, RALLH, Elbows
  • Greatest American Hero (1 verse)
  • Burpees x10 OYO
  • Burpees x10 OYO #ThanksTater

Cumulative burpee total = 100!

CountORama and NameORama

Ten total pax.  Welcome FNG Hundo.  Nice EH by KFC.  Camo named Hundo in honor of his strength pushing through one hundred burpees on his first post.  See you back soon Hundo!


  • KFC provided update on Ava.  #Blessings
  • Camo prayed for wisdom.  #AlreadyAnswered
  • As iron, sharpens iron, so one man, sharpens another.  God first, others second, I am third. Amen.

I’ve been on an airplane this week and it felt great to push through 100 burpees today. The best workout I get is when I Q.  The Pax always pushes and challenges me.  For example, Tater didn’t like to end at 90 burpees, and called for 10 more.  I can’t say our form was great, but we pushed through.  I’m incredibly impressed when Camo, Bullseye, KFC, and Tater turn a mosey between bases into a sprint race.  Iron sharpens iron.  Thanks for being iron men today!


  • Knob Creek has the Kingdom Q for Tuesday January 16.
  • Camo announced Kingdom will add Thursday workouts in February
  • Camo announced February 1st will be Thirsty Thursday for the Kingdom.  Likely at Moe’s Irish Pub.

*The Rocket – Sugar Land AO Launch*
> January 6, 2018 – 0630 hours – Sugar Land Memorial Park – Inferno has the Q
(The Rocket will have workouts Tue/Thu 0530-0615 & 0630-0730 on Sat’s)

*Galveston GoRuck Light*
> January 27, 2018 – 1400 hours – Menard Park

*F3 Texas GrowRuck*
> Officially in Houston the last weekend in February. Get your hallpasses now and block that entire weekend for all THREE Fs.
> F3 Growruck Shirts are now available on F3 MudGear – get yours here!

> March 24, 2018 – Workout at Hermann Park, then train ride to MDA for 5K. PaceCar will have the Q and will be coordinating F3 team and fund raising to support MDA GI Clinic

*Houston Spartan Sprint* 

March 24th, 2018 – EBERLY RANCH, CHAPPELL HILL TX – More details here.

*Austin Spartan Sprint – All Texas Pax Convergence* 
May 20th, 2018 – REVEILLE PEAK RANCH, BURNET TX – More details here.


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Thanks for pushing me today men,