• When: 10/19/2019
  • QIC: Hookup
  • The PAX: Dugger, Fireball, El Blanco, Bling, Scalpel, Quarterback(R), NPR, Boring, Silver Bullet(FNG) , Hookup(QIC)

9 PAX and 1 FNG posted at #TheYard for a little Route 66. Welcome to the gloom Silver Bullet.


68 degrees, 82% humidity. Wind 3 mph


YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Modify as needed. #YouAgainstYou. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions.

Warm Up
  • 30x SSH
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • 11x Grass Grabbers
  • 10x Tin Soldiers
  • 10x Abe Vigoda
The Thang

Mosey to the yard

Route 66. 1 Burpee 1 Lap, 2 Burpees 1 Laps…..11 Burpees 1 Lap

Mosey to wall

  • 15x Dirty Hookups
  • 20 seconds Balls to Wall

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to Arbor

  • 20x Step-ups OYO
  • 15x In and Out

Rinse and repeat

Cool Down
  • 20x LBC
  • 10x J-Lo’s
  • 20x Reverse LBC
  • 10x Hands to toes
CountORama and NameORama





Upcoming Area of Operations (AOs):
  • TTT this week, Happy Hour this Thursday Oct-19th
  • Austin – Oct 28th
    • Launch in the AM / Capital Ruck Tour in the PM
    • Contact Duggar ([email protected]) with EH contact details – it’s coming up quick!!
    • Reach out to Locksmith for lodging details.
Start EH’ing your friends and family for these upcoming AOs!!
Get with the above AO-Qs if you are available to help support these AOs.

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