After giving the beasts of The Spigot a little mobility medicine, it was time to return to the roots and resume the quest of advancing The King.  The Houston PAX was treated with a cold snap this week, giving us the opportunity to work a little harder to stay warm.  

Inspiration for today’s Weinkie came from the CrossFit world.  We spent some time pushing ourselves while remembering MSG Joshua L Wheeler by doing a modified WOD created in his honor.  MSG Joshua L Wheeler was Killed In Action on October 22, 2015. He was a US Army Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta Master Sergeant. He served for more than 20 years and left behind a wife and four sons. MSG Wheeler “was a fan of old-school PT style workouts.” The significance of the numbers in the workout: 21 Gun Salute; 4 Sons; 10/22/15 – Date of death; 11 Bronze Stars; 20 Years of Service.  We brought his picture and placed it on the pull up bars as a stark reminder of his sacrifice.

The Deets

  • PAX Count: 9
  • PAX: Beignet, Robinhood, Pongo, Vibram, Mufasa, Borat, Full House, Waterboy
  • QIC: KY
  • Conditions: Dark, 46F and breezy

The Thang

  • Flutter Kicks – 21x IC
  • Indian Run to pull up bars (~0.75 miles)
  • Split PAX in 4 groups and assigned starting positions.  Completed 3 1/2 rounds (targeted 4 but ran out of time) of:
    • 10 Pull-Ups (band assisted when fatigued)
    • 22 Big Boy Sit-ups
    • 11 Burpees
    • 20 Squats
  • Indian Run back to AO (~0.75 miles)

Pledge of Allegiance, COT


  • The Spigot is closed on 10/31 for Waterboy’s Costume Not Optional Q at The Kingdom @ 0630.  DD at 0530
  • November PAX challenge to be announced very soon
  • GORUCK Vetrans Day T/L/Star Sprint – Nov 13 – 15
  • F3 Katy Marathon race to be announced soon 

Naked Man Moleskin

A Facebook friend and fellow BOTG from F3Summerville posted one of YHC’s favorite passages, “The Man in the Arena.”  This was delivered as part of a larger speech by Teddy Roosevelt in Paris in 1910, but still rings true today.  Below is the excerpt from that speech:

YHC’s face has been marred by dust and sweat and blood for the past couple months.  There has been no shortage of those critics who have passed judgement or provided empty condolences while they sit in the stands of the Arena.   Being on the stage of the Arena can be a lonely place, especially when fighting for the future.  Fortunately, YHC had Gladiators show up who have also done their time in the Arena and helped in the fight.  The fight did not disappear when they stood beside me to face the Enemy, but their presence and YHC’s respect for them because of their time in the Arena did give YHC the confidence to continue to fight.

Leadership moment.  It is not enough to step into situations that bring peril to us, but we also need to step along side those that are in their own Arenas.  Leadership is taking on those situations and being present.  Find the moments where you can be impactful to those around you.  Don’t shy away from those that are struggling in silence.