10 PAX took their #DRP (7 doubled down into Britney’s 0700 #BeatDown – 3 first timers who will certainly be back for more doubledowns!) to post for an early morning swim in the humidity. “Don’t worry… we’re not going around the whole loop.”

I was quite introspective while writing this backblast (BB) after our past few COTs. Bishop has brought up his #SlowWalk meditation after having spent some time with his elderly parents and taking time to enjoy the moment(s) with them. I took that to heart with my relationship with my own kids for the same reason… which has since led me to remember my passed father.

(…please keep reading to the end of this BB for some words on the subject.)



  • YHC is not a professional. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Use good form and ask for a demonstration if you need one. Modify exercises if you need to. The goal is to push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. #YouAgainstYou. No FNGs. Please advise if any injuries.


  • 62° / 100% humidity.  YHC had no idea this was even possible in nature – shouldn’t 100% humidity = rain? We were plenty wet by the end, but no rain today to cool us off.


Mosey through the parking through the wet grass behind the pool. Plenty of mumblechatter about getting everyone’s glass slippers wet so early. COP for some warmups:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • LBCs x 15 IC


Mosey over to the walled playground for some more pre-workout burn:

  • Side step ups (aka “skull crusher”) x 15 IC (each side)
  • Dips x 15 IC
  • Fingertip merkins x 10 IC

Fingertip pushups are the perfect complement to grip work… little did we know going into this morning that Britney was going to beat us down with grip work at the 0700 post. Good to remember to work on both grip work and fingertips for the Austin Spartan race – btw, let’s get more Hard Commits (HC) for this race.

Mosey a few more miles over towards the Memorial Bridge #ALittleFartherThanIRemembered. Stopped along the way for 10 Burpees OYO, then back onto El Camino Royal (ECR) for more Moseying.

Stop off at the Wedding Chapel Gazebo for, alternating:

  • Derkins on the high rails x 10 IC
  • Fingertip merkins x 10 IC

After a shortened 10-count due to some #FreshTomatoes, we Moseyed over to the Pullup bars. Line up and do some good ol’ Burpees waiting for your turn on the bar:

  • 1st man does 5-10 pullups (you against you, push yourself but don’t hurt yourself),
  • 2nd man spots the 1st with all the mud, and
  • The rest of the packs is doing Burpees (modify to LBCs, if needed).

Mosey some more to the Tiny Dancer Hill on the right side of the trail. High Knees up the slight incline, then pause at the top for some Speed Lunges – 10 each leg OYO.

Mosey back onto ECR. This is where some of the Pax reminded YHC that they were only convinced to DoubleDown for their first 0600 & 0700 workout since “we wouldn’t be doing too much running.” At which point, YHC calmed everyone down with the continued promise that “we won’t be running the whole loop.” Little did we know, coming back the same way would mean more miles than maintaining the loop route. #GoodToKnow.

After arriving at the promised bridge, the Pax beautifully pulled out some Lunges all the way up to the top, then some Imperial Walkers about a quarter of the way, then we Moseyed to the end of the bridge. Don’t go home just yet: take a L to the staircase, and Jailbreak up the stairs to the top of the bridge again. Now, we can Mosey back.

This was the time YHC realized we had to give up on any additional fun plans as we were starting to get short on time. We continued Moseying straight back to the Shovel Flags – sadly at different paces. I consider it a Q-Fail that we did not all stick together perfectly tight, but it was a long way to go. Thank you to Bishop for helping sweep in the Pax as we strayed from our Double Applesauce. #NoManLeftBehind!

I did feel like Johnny-on-the-spot at the end though, when we all crossed the finish line in perfect time for Britney’s 0700 #DownPainment, and still had a few minutes to spare for COT/TAPs.

For those keeping track at home, we ran ~3.9 miles burning over 500 calories. For the #Doubledowners, adding Britney’s Q = total of nearly 7 miles with ~1,200 calories for the two hours.

#CountORama / #NameORama

  • 10 Pax. No FNGs, but lots of first time DoubleDowners, #GrowingStrong !!

#BoM (Ball of Man)

  • HammerTime took us out today with some great words. #TClaps, Brother – thanks for leading us!


As mentioned at the top of this BB, I have been thinking a lot about my own father recently. #F3Dads. He was undoubtedly my best friend, and I his. He knew it. I knew it. As I grew older, we were more like brothers than father and son. He knew it. I knew it. He called me his brother more often than anything, and he would tell me it was because he lost his own father at such an early age that he didn’t know how to be a father – he only knew how to be a brother.

That may sound conflicting to some, but it worked out well for us. As they say, he taught me everything I know. How to be the man that I am – and I could not be more proud to call him my father.

I wrote a poem for him on the first anniversary of his death a couple of years ago. I am compelled to share it here – if I may be so bold as to ramble further… As many sons & fathers here may have similar thoughts and prayers on their own relationships… And as F3 and all the Pax have started to find their way into my heart since F3 found it’s way to Houston this past October, I just felt it was right to post this.

Please enjoy, in the name of my father:



You were my best friend for as long as I can remember – the brother I never had
I think about and miss you every day and still do not believe you are really gone

You were my mentor on all things and I struggle getting by without you
The easiest escape is to try and not think about it – let life do its thing

Which is also the scariest path because I think I am starting to forget
To forget how you looked at me when you saw me – you always saw me
To forget your smile and how you always made me laugh – even when I thought I couldn’t
To forget how you lived and all the great life stories you shared – over and over

What I cannot forget even if I tried
Is how you taught me to be the man I am
To trust in myself and push myself every day
To question everything to the point of insanity
To be humble and forgiving as impossible as it is
To trust my instincts, but always keep an open mind
To keep my guard up while always ready to let it down
To maintain a childish air – never take life too seriously
To hold my integrity sacred and never waiver from true north
To face my fears with force and yearn to learn from my missteps
To never sweat the small stuff and keep chasing the next passion
To always love and protect family and worship every moment with them

My biggest regret is that my children will not know you
I fear having that distance between you and them
I remember growing up not knowing your father
I knew him only a little from the stories you told
But the more stories I forget the less they will get to know

I pride myself is modeling all things after you
So what brings me peace is that maybe by knowing me, they will know you too

I will keep striving and hoping, and if I am lucky
They will love me, at least half as much, as I will always love you



Thank you for allowing me to bring the pain.  And more importantly, to allow me the opportunity to share a story of a son’s love for his father, and his hope of a bright future as a father himself!