The General (YHC) handed out a massive DRP this AM as 10 F3 soldiers learned The General’s definition of #downPAINment.  This brutal #BeatDown is described in gory detail below…


  • YHC is not a professional instructor #IPlayOneOnTV. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge #YouAgainstYou. Modify as needed. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself. Aye!


  • 71°, 87% humidity, 12 mph winds. #Comfortable #BucketsOfSweat #SummerIsComing

#WarmUp around the Shovel Flags

  • SSHs x21 IC
  • Windmills x10 IC
  • Tin Soldiers x10 IC


  • Indian Run (single-file, sprint x3) down Stella Link / Bellafontaine / Braes through The General’s Courtyard (aka Cruiser’s Courtyard) to the Hall of Pain #LetThePainBegin

Partner Up (1s and 2s) and grab some wall

  • People’s Sit-Ups
    Partner 1: People’s Chair
    Partner 2: Big Boy Sit-Ups x20 (lock feet with Partner 1)
    RnR x5 #ItsStartingToHurt

Mosey out to the far end of The General’s Courtyard

  • Dora 1-2-3
    Partner 1: Run the courtyard
    Partner 2: Exercises…
    Derkins x100
    Calf Raises x200
    Monkey Humpers x300

Mosey back to the Hall of Pain

  • People’s Hip Slappers
    Partner 1: People’s Chair
    Partner 2: Hip Slappers x10 (on opposite wall)
    RnR x5 #EnsureTheBurn

Mosey / Jailbreak back to the Shovel Flags

#CountORama and NameORama

  • 10 PAX. No FNGs. 2H by Brass Monkey (converted from last Saturday’s launch of The Yard AO at Condit Elementary) #AdditionByDivision


  • This Saturday will be the 2nd WO at The Yard (Condit Elementary School, 6:30am – 7:30am). #BringYourFriends #BringTheirBrothers
  • Additional workouts at The General / The Yard / TBD AO to come. #AdditionByDivision
  • MD Anderson SCOPE 5k Run #CSAUP
    When: Saturday, March 25th at 0800 (following an F3 workout nearby)
    We have set up a team for F3 Nation, for more info contact PaceCar or Cruiser, and consider donating to MD Anderson Colorectal Cancer awareness via PaceCar or Cruiser to help offset the $1,000 cost for getting F3’s logo on the event tshirt.  Aye!
  • Spartan Race #CSAUP
    When: Sunday, May 21st
    Where: Reveille Peak Ranch (105 CR 114 Burnet, TX 78611)
    Event Q: We need one for the F3 Houston PAX. #leadership opportunity. Who wants it?
    Event: Spartan Sprint (NOT the Super)
    Heat: Sunday Morning, 1115-1200 Heat
    Team Name: F3Texas
    Password: Fish61


  • Cruiser took us out, asking the Sky Q to help make us better husbands, fathers, and men.


  • For those keeping track at home, today’s totals were ~2.0 miles and ~450 calories burned with #PlentyOfPain.
  • YHC tried to mix it up a bit today with a good deal of wall work, partner time and hidden miles.  Plenty of rest for the PAX during the 10 rounds of People’s Chair. #ItBurnsSogood
  • On YHC’s jog to The General this morning, he ran into (almost literally) our honorary member Mahjong, who continues his perfect attendance record.  A friendly “hello” was countered by a “good morning” with a sense of familiarity. #ABH
  • Leprechaun reminded YHC and the PAX of his attempt for extracurricular Spartan training after the BoM. 30x Burpees ensued for a dedicated 5 PAX. #JustWhenYouThoughtItWasOver #FinalNailInTheCoffin #TheBurnIsReal
  • Cruiser respectfully observed the extracurricular #BeatDown, but the PAX took it easy on him as he climbed 175 flights (#MountEverest) of stairs yesterday…after a full #BeatDown at The Hogg. #MakinUsLookBad #NoExcuses #OldManStrong


  • Saturday: 0600 and 0700 The Hogg and 0630 at The Yard
  • @F3_250. You’ve heard about it. 250 workouts in 2017. Includes F3, Fern, and any other 30+ minute workout. Time for YOU to step up for your own @F3_250 #accountability
  • Twitter & F3Nation website: Sign up to stay informed and bust b@llz. #CommunicationIsKey #VirtualMumbleChatter


  • ACCELERATION: Increase in the pace of Movement.
  • MOVEMENT: Actions taken in furtherance of Purpose.
  • PURPOSE: An Outcome sought through the performance of a Task.
  • TASK: Something done to achieve a Purpose.
  • OUTCOME: What happens or fails to happen, whether good or bad.

Thank you for allowing me to #BringThePain