YHC is not a professional.  F3 workouts are free and voluntary.  Use good form, if you are not sure ask the Q for a demonstration.  High Intensity Interval workouts are great cardio workouts, but are very demanding!  If you have high blood pressure or any heart ailments, consult your doctor about the appropriateness of this style of exercise.  If dizzy or faint, stop immediately.  Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself!  #youagainstyou



A cool 53° with a bit of wind.  But the initial coolness seemed to wear off quickly……


The Thang 0530

Mosey to the back of the church, karaoke half a block each side

Warm Up


Sumo Squats


Tin Soilders in Place

10 Burpees OYO (using proper form and not forgetting the jump at the end!) #AreyoureadingthisBishop?


#Winter Olympics 0545

30s:30s thrice baked

  • Skiers
  • (Frozen) Rope climb V ups
  • Skaters

Short mosey to the Garden of Tranquility


#My Little Friend 0555

Tabata  20s:10s Ocho Tiempo!

Half pax does box jumps on benches / Half Jailbreaks (no moseying) around the Circle of Peace for  #Only20seconds, followed by (the shortest) 10 seconds of rest.  Round 2, runners jump; jumpers run

8 rounds total. #Only4minutes, but my little friend, Mr Tabata kicks six!   #domoarigatoMrTabata (You bastard!)


#Plank-O-Rama 0559

A quick respite to catch our breath.  Planks 6 ways, 20s each

  • Elbows
  • Makhtar N’Diayes
  • Side planks left and right (Choose 1 of 4 options)
  • One arm/one leg up/flapjack  (Remember this one the next time the Mrs goes to yoga and you chuckle!)

Mosey across the street to the Park Bench Circle of Love3

#Russian Wine Making 0602

Back to 30s:30s thrice baked

  • Cossacks
  • LBC (using correct form!)
  • Grape Stompers

Not sure if Ross Perot heard it or not, but I did detect a #bigsuckingsound


Mosey back to the F3 Flag


18 Pax, no FNG


BoM (Ball of Man)

Thanksgiving for a positive prognosis for Cruiser’s daughter-in-law

Continued prayers for Ross, CA’s older son

And Robert, CA’s younger son, driving 29 hours from Connecticut, then on to Guam to serve Uncle Sam for the next 4 years

CA took us out – remember the mentally ill, compassion for the homeless, the holidays are not joyous for everyone, and the highest rate of suicide happens this time of year.



#KirbyIceHouse  600pm for F3 Fellowship

#Push yourself But don’t hurt yourself

#Twitter – even YHC, 2nd oldest guy in the Pax opened an account, this is the preferred means of communication for F3

#The General meets Weds at 530 Pershing Middle School in West U.  Contact Brittany @F3Britney for more information

#Convergence on Jan 2, 2017