• YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge (you’re here on your own accord). Modify as needed. #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself


  • Clear 58°, beautiful morning


  • Mosey Bellaire Blvd toward Evelyn’s Park
  • Stop for Windmills x 15 IC & Grass Grabbers 15 IC
  • Continue mosey for Evelyn
  • Stop for SSH x 20 IC & Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Finish Mosey into Evelyn Park (approx. 1 mile total)



  • Fresh new benches, perfect for the Pax to stomp on
    • Dips x 15 IC
    • Step Ups x 20 (10 each leg) OYO
    • Dercan x 15 IC
    • RnR (only 10 IC for Dips & Dercans, are these benches taller than usual?)
  • Nice large and freshly watered green space, ideal for Pax to crawl around on, partner up for 7s (Q modified from 11s for time constraints)
    • Space too large, have to modify start and stop points, but with what? Nothing to cry about, a disposed pacifier will do the trick.
    • Bear crawl together from stick (Fido’s pacifier?) to binky, Patty cake mercan x 7, crab crawl back, patty cake lbc x 1. Repeat in ascending/descending order (mercan x6, lbc x 2, etc, etc)
    • Are we getting faster or is Q moving stick closer? Both!
  • Mosey back toward the Yard
  • Stop for Freddy Mercury x 20 IC
  • Continue mosey, admire wall space under freeway, but accept Buble’s suggestion not to stop and subject PAX to local fragrances
  • Stop clear of freeway, Rosalita x 20 IC
  • Indian Run back to the Yard


#CountORama and #NameORama

  • 7 men, no FNGs.

#BoM (Ball of Man)

  • T’claps to Buble for taking us out.
  • Looking Ahead…
  • F3 Swag. T-shirt pre-orders for The Yard are open now.  Pre-orders close midnight on 5/8/17.  Get it while it’s hot!  https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-houston-the-yard-pre-order?variant=41919296467
  • Spartan Race. The first official F3 Texas (Houston, Dallas and San Antonio PAX) #CSAUP convergence. Quick summary, expect 4-5 miles with 20-23 obstacles, and lots of burpees. See link for more details: https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1880/overview?filter=sprint
  • Key info / How to sign up:
  • When: Sunday, May 21, 2017
    Where: Reveille Peak Ranch|105 CR 114 Burnet, TX 78611
    Event Q:We need one for the F3 Houston PAX. #leadership opportunity. Who wants it?
    Registration Info: Event:Spartan Sprint (NOT the Super)
    Heat: Sunday Morning, 1115-1200 Heat
    Team Name: F3Texas
    Password: Fish61
  • GrowRuck 03 – New Orleans June 9-11 combines F3 Grow School with a GoRuck Tough. You don’t want to miss this! If you’re sitting on the fence about this event, sign up today. This is a custom GoRuck event, which has been specifically designed for F3 to help reinforce the Leadership Development training that the PAX will be exposed to over the course of the GR03. As a FenceSitter, you will have nothing but regret for a long time to come, as the PAX that do participate come back and retell story after story of this transformative experience. So, don’t miss out – sign up!   http://bit.ly/2nWxT5H Ruck training is underway – to join the chatter on Band, let Inferno or Leprechaun (local event Q) know.