GrowRuck 03 will take place over the weekend of June 9-11th in the Big Easy. Unlike other challenges undertaken in the French Quarter, this event will leave you fulfilled and feeling like you can conquer the world, rather than empty on the inside (remind me to tell you the story from my wilder days that includes Hurricanes from Pat O’Brian’s and the craps table at Harrah’s Casino).

What, you ask, is GrowRuck? It’s simple: GrowSchool + GORUCK Tough challenge. In one weekend, you’ll get, 1stF + CSAUP + 2ndF + F3 Leadership Development & Training. For more information on GrowRuck, check out this post.

In an effort to keep this event focused on building the local regions, we are initially limiting registration to the pax of New Orleans Texas and Mississippi and and the guys leading the GrowRuck/GrowSchool initiatives. If we have any space left a couple months out we may open up registration to other pax.

Weekend Schedule

Here’s what we’ve got planned for you guys.

Friday, June 9th

  • 2ndF Event (Details coming soon)

Saturday, June 10th

  • 07:00 – Convergence led by Dredd & OBT: The men from the three local regions will participate in a Saturday morning convergence.
  • 08:00 – Coffeeteria
  • 09:00 – 11:00 – GrowShool led by Dredd & OBT
  • 18:00 – GORUCK Tough Challenge launches

Sunday, June 11th

  • Sometime in the AM, GORUCK Tough Challenge concludes


The cost to participate in the GORUCK Tough Challenge is $100 and while we’d like everyone to participate in the entire weekend, we understand that’s not always possible. We welcome any local pax to join us for the 2ndF event on Friday night, and the Saturday morning workout and GrowSchool. As we finalize details for the Friday night event, we’ll make the cost of that event public.

To HC, please comment below then mash this link to signup via GORUCK.


If this is your first GORUCK event, I’d encourage you to participate in some ruck workouts, and put a bunch of miles in with your ruck on, and DON’T run with the damn thing on your back. For more training tips, we’ll have some hard-core ruckers on the GrowRuck 02 Facebook page that will be happy to answer your questions.


The most frequent question asked when an F3 group begins to look into doing the Challenge is “do I need to buy a $300 backpack”. The short answer is no. A GORUCK ruck is not required (FYI: the Rucker model goes on sale from time-to-time for around $100). Also, many guys pick up second-hand rucks at Army surplus stores, eBay, or Craigslist. Or get on Twitter and ask about borrowing a ruck — there are many in the F3/GRT community who are happy to loan theirs out.

If you decide you want a GORUCK ruck, they will give you a 10% discount on gear once you sign up.

Besides a ruck, you’ll need some bricks for weigh, a headlamp, and a hydration bladder. Additionally, you’ll want to pack a few snacks, an extra pair of socks, a windbreaker or light jacket, $20 cab fare, and your ID. Check out Jason’s video on packing for a challenge. Trust me, you don’t want to bring what you don’t need. Protip: Leave your phone in the car, regardless of what Jason says in the video.

What Next?

If you’re ready to take the plunge with your buddies and HC for GrowRuck 02, do this stuff, in this order:

  1. Comment below, say something clever, and prepare to GYMR (get your mind right).
  2. Signup at GORUCK here and pay your $100.
  3. Ask to join the Facebook GrowRuck 03 page (only after you’ve registered).
  4. Start training.
  5. Stay tuned for more details…

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