With GrowRuck 03 quickly approaching, I wanted to provide you with an update on the agenda for the weekend. Please read this comz completely, and if you have questions, let me know either through comments below or on the Twitter machine.

First off, I want to thank the local Qs for their help in organizing the event. These men (listed below) have spent many hours herding cats and without their hard work, this event would not be possible. Next time you seen them thank them.

Local Qs:

  • NOLA: Heisenberg
  • Northshore: Turbo
  • Houston: Leprechaun

Secondly, I want to tell you men how excited I am about the opportunity that lies before us. As anyone who’s done an event like a GORUCK Tough before will tell you, putting yourself in a stressful and difficult situation helps you better understand who you are, and where your limits lie. Most men who take on and finish a Tough find that those limits are well past what they originally perceived. Additionally, the bonds forged in these difficult situations are strong and not easily broken.

This experience paired with F3 GrowSchool will hopefully strengthen your leadership chops and give you some tools to help you grow your regions.

Now, here’s all the logistical info that you’ll need to know for the weekend:


We’ll distribute t-shirts during GrowSchool on Saturday AM. Wearing these shirts has been scientifically proven to make you ruck hard. Trust me.

Packing List

Please double-check that you have all the required items on the packing list in your ruck prior to start time. Don’t be the guy that causes OBT to have to do 100 (more) burpees because you forgot your $20 or extra batteries.

Required Packing List

  • A rucksack or backpack
  • 6 Bricks (4 if under 150 lbs) / 30# plate (20# if under 150 lbs)
  • Water – 2L minimum (hydration bladder recommended)
  • PT belt/reflective band around your ruck
  • $20 cab fare (but you aren’t allowed to quit)
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • A photo ID

You can check out GORUCK’s full packing list and recommended items here.


Friday Night

Capitol Ruck Tour in Baton Rouge: Friday, June 9th 6:30 (caravan from City Park)
City Park (1 Palm Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124)

For GrowRuck 03, we have the opportunity to combine some 1st and 2ndF on Friday night by taking part of the final portion of Cadre Danny Stoke’s Capitol Ruck Tour in Baton Rouge. Danny (our GORUCK cadre) is traveling across our great United States this year to raise awareness and money for Operation Enduring Warrior. OEW’s mission is “to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded veterans through a physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation”. It’s an amazing organization and I’m proud that we’ll be able to support it.

We’ll ruck the last few miles of the tour, then take part in the closing ceremony at the Louisiana State Capitol where representatives from OEW will speak to the group about their experience in the service.

The trip to BR and back should give the crew plenty of time to hang out and get some good 2ndF in, and I’m proud that F3 will make a big presence at this stop on the Ruck Tour.

The plan is to meet up with the rest of the group at 8:30 at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (Skip Bertman Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70803) for the last 4 miles of the ruck to the Capitol. To do so, the New Orleans crew will meet at City Park (1 Palm Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124) at 6:30 to caravan to the rally point. The Northshore guys will coordinate travel from their AO, and the Houston guys will arrive in Baton Rouge in time to rally with us.

The patch ceremony should wrap around 10pm allowing us to get back to New Orleans by midnight.

Capitol Ruck Tour

Operation Enduring Warrior


Convergence: Saturday Morning, June 10th 8:00am – 9:00am
Audubon Park (6500 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118)

Convergence led by Dredd & OBT, with men from three local regions. This is not intended to be a heavy, break-you workout, but hell, you never know with these two guys at the helm.

Please, please, please encourage everyone to participate in the Saturday AM convergence and GrowSchool.

Coffeeteria & GrowSchool: Saturday Morning, June 10th 9:30am – 11:30am
PJ’s Coffee (5432 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115)

Breakfast provided (we’ll pass the hat to cover it), in a sit-down instructional setting, led by Dredd & OBT in the back room at PJs Coffee. If you’re the type of guy that doesn’t have total recall, bring a notebook to jot down some truth nuggets.

GORUCK  Tough Challenge: Saturday Evening, June 10th 5:00pm
City Park (56 Dreyfous Dr, New Orleans, LA 70119)

Our challenge will take place at City Park and will begin at 6:00pm sharp. Our start location is the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn. Be there for pre-challenge BOM at 5:30.

If anyone would like to shadow the event, they need to be at the starting point to receive instructions from the cadre. Also, since this is an F3 event, we have a “dudes-only” rule for shadows.


You can plan on the GrowRuck to last approximately 12-ish hours, depending on our performance.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with this, the best advice I’ve ever received: When I was gearing up for my first GORUCK Challenge, and had the pre-event jitters, one of my buddies told me “Don’t worry Robber, they won’t eat you, and they can’t take away your birthday”.

Remember that.