• When: 11/18/17
  • QIC: Duggar
  • The PAX: Choo Choo, Tater, KFC, Knob Creek, Bullseye,  Moose (FNG), Spaceballs (FNG)

Goldilocks – not too hot, not too cold, but just right.


YHC is not a professional. You’re out here voluntarily. It’s #YouAgainstYou. Modify as needed. Let someone know, if you’re having any issues. #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself.

The Thang
  • SSH x 10 4C
  • Merkins x 10 4C
  • LBACs x 10 4C F/B
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 4C
  • Ray Lewis x 10 4C
  • 1 Arm Ray Lewis x 10 4C R/L (Effective H-Bomb modification…needs a name)

Pax moseyed to nearby soccer field and circled up for a Jack Off. This is when YHC began weaving in a mini-Q school session. The Pax learned the 5 Core Principles (5CP) of F3, performing jacks along the way.

  1. FREE (of charge): Smurf Jacks x 11 4C
  2. OPEN ( to all men): Cross-over Jacks x 21 4C
  3. OUTDOORS (held rain or shine, heat or cold): Plank Jacks x 31 4C
  4. PEER-LED (every Pax member is expected to Q workouts): Seal Jacks x 42 4C
  5. END (with CoT): Side Straddle Hops x 51 4C

Pax then moseyed back over to the church, and under the covered walkway there, performed a Dora comprised of 100 Donkey Kicks, 200 X-Factors, and 300 Lunge Twists.

Time running out, the Pax circled up by the Shovel Flags for a quick pop-quiz about 5CP. They nailed it, so they only did 10 Burpees OYO to close out, instead of the 30 they were going to face had they been unable to recite the 5CP.


CountORama and NameORama

8 Pax, including 2 FNGs, both EH’d by Tater. Moose (Chris) had a very brief bio, giving up only that he’s from Colorado, has three children, and hunts for elk every year. So, while different, somehow “Marty the Moose” came to mind, but the Pax felt that too long, hence the shortened “Moose”. Spaceballs (Evan Schwartz) is from Illinois; is married with two daughters; is big Cubs fan; and is a pastor. Given the last name, it seemed like low hanging fruit to go with “Spaceballs”. May the Schwartz be with both of these FNGs as they start their F3 journey. They were reminded that the Pax don’t like #onenightstands and that they should come post again soon.


YHC emphasized to the Pax that the COT was a place where men can speak openly of the challenges they’re facing (e.g. sickness, divorce, substance abuse, loss of job, etc). That they wouldn’t face judgement in the COT, but rather, would just find support and understanding. That the struggles we find ourselves facing aren’t as unique as we’d think and we’re not alone. With that preamble, KFC asked for TAPs for a friend who’s child was just diagnosed with a terminal cancer, so we raised him up, as well as KFC’s daughter, along with the Swendsens. We asked the SkyQ for strength, wisdom, and guidance, so that we might move forward and have impact on the communities in which we live, and we gave thanks for our many blessings. YHC was likely to keep  rambling on, but then YHC’s phone rang with a work call, so we wrapped it up.

  • As if Katy wasn’t far enough west a journey for YHC, so lost in thought was YHC, while driving out to meet up to ruck before the workout (dreaming big of F3 Texas GrowSchool), that YHC blew right past the exit and kept going. It wasn’t until YHC saw the signs for Buc-ee’s, 9 miles later, that YHC understood just how Magoo-like YHC’s driving was that morning. Though, YHC has to admit to being a Buc-ee’s devotee, so just like Magoo, YHC made the most of the detour. Fresh coffee poured, YHC headed to the AO feeling pretty good.
  • When YHC arrived at the AO, YHC noticed the Shovel Flags planted and a cluster of ~5 cars parked some distance away. YHC recognized Bullseye’s truck, and came to find out the other cars belonged to Tater, KFC, Knob Creek, and Moose (FNG), all of whom were out trailblazing with their rucks on. Great to see a core of #mutharuckers already evident at The Kingdom, because F3 Texas needs to blow out the numbers for the upcoming GrowRuck…
  • As the WO began, YHC kept the counts low for the benefit of the FNGs. Never have tested the theory out, but YHC has often heard the thang about frogs and boiling water. The idea is simply that if you take a frog and throw it into boiling water, it will hop right out, but if you put it into warm water and heat it up, they’ll stay till they’re a French appetizer. Don’t know if that really works with frogs, but it definitely works with FNGs!
  • Seemed like it was stiff competition for which part of the WO was the biggest #crowdpleaser. There were a lot of Midwife Noises during the Jack Off, with some personal 10 Counts being taken. But those seemed outdone, during the Dora by the Donkey Kicks and Lunge Twists. During the 200 X-Factors, KFC expressed his deep enthusiasm for the upcoming 300 Lunge Twists. YHC believes he left #anothersatisfiedcustomer.
  • YHC tried to demonstrate #ABH in action. The first weak attempt was as the Pax were moseying back from the soccer field to the parking lot. YHC had noticed a 30-something guy walking a dog around the soccer field, constantly craning his neck to inquisitively look at the Pax in the center of the field. So, as we moseyed by, YHC made sure to lay the bait for the SadClown that there was a free, mens’ workout that met every Tues/Sat. Maybe a Mustard Seed case that never catches root, but then again, one never knows. Next ABH opportunity was at Coffeeteria. Sure, it’s easy to settle in with the other Pax and ignore all around you, but then you miss all kinds of opportunities. Seated right besides us was a 40-something, who he and his M clearly worked out regularly. While the M was off grabbing another latte, YHC struck. A longish conversation ensued with a lot of info passed along. Will the guy post? Don’t know, but YHC thinks there’s a decent chance that one day that guy will be part of the Pax, and that’s what you’re shooting for.
  • Crap! There are a Truth Nuggets YHC wanted to touch on, but this BB is already two days overdue, and YHC is getting the shepherds crook for grilling duties. So, with that, YHC will wrap it up. T’claps to how hard Knob Creek, Choo Choo, Tater, Moose, Spaceballs, and Bullseye pushed it. The Kingdom has got its core and with it, a very bright future!



GrowRuck. GrowRuck. GrowRuck. Get ready to Hard Commit (HC) on Dec. 1st. Not the 2nd. The 1st.


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Thanks for the opportunity to lead!