A few weeks ago I told you about the runaway success of our Spring 2017 LEAP efforts. The eight new cities where we launched this Spring — along with continued growth of existing locations and of the Mustard Seeds led by Dark Helmet — are huge drivers of the continued growth of F3. That growth is essential to keeping the F3 movement innovative, invigorating and providing male community leadership opportunities across the nation.

We spent about $30,000 to launch Indianapolis, Toledo, Cincinnati, Louisville, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Birmingham and Minneapolis. That money came primarily from licensing revenue from the sale of F3 Gear, as well as fundraisers in several regions and royalties on Freed to Lead.

As we budget for this Fall’s LEAPs, we need to supplement that revenue. For the first time, we are soliciting help to #GiveItAway.

The F3 Nation Give2Give campaign will run for the month of August. Here are the details:
WHEN: August 1-31
HOW: Donations will be made to the F3 Foundation and will be tax-deductible.
WHERE: Donations can be made through the F3 Gear store (pick up a workout shirt while you’re there!) and will automatically generate a giving receipt that will be mailed to your home.
WHY: Well, obviously, to #GiveItAway. But also … for Regional Glory! The top six F3 regions in terms of overall giving will get to staff the first LEAP weekend in this fall’s six locations (four sites in Chicago, St. Louis and Austin, Texas). Winning regions will draft their preferred site in order of total giving.
EXTRA INCENTIVE: A generous Friend of F3 has offered to match the first $10,000 in Give2Give donations from the pax, so consider that your donation is actually 2x Give2Give (just wait until we start hashtagging that … ).

This is the first time we have gone to the pax with a general ask to support F3 growth. We hope that licensing revenue will eventually grow to cover LEAP and other Expansion budget needs, but we anticipate needing to repeat this ask over the next couple of years as we fill out the U.S. map with F3 AOs from sea to shining sea.

Please let us know if you have any questions about LEAP budgeting or other aspects of growth. Also, please contact me directly at the address [email protected] if you wish to make a donation of $500 or more.


Jim “CR” Cotchett
Q/Plant, F3 Nation