14 Pax got a little punchy at The General this AM with some martial art-type exercises. The inspiration for the WO came after Whiskey had broken out a pugilistic pain train last week, and YHC had promised to return the favor. In the spirit of today’s WO, YHC offers this Haiku:

Punch and kick, we did
Sweating like the morning dew
It was quite pleasing

YHC has to prep for a meeting, so YHC will keep this uncharacteristically brief.

Warm Up: SSH x 21 IC, Plank Jacks x 21 IC, Abe Vegodas x 10 IC, Tin Soldiers x 20 IC, IW x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 10IC

The Thang: Ran Blacksnake around the hood and to the back of The General. There, the Pax partnered up for some punching moves, including Jab/Cross x 10 R/L RRx3, Cross Elbow x 10 R/L, and Rear Elbow x 10 R/L. Once we moved onto kicks, we used the wall as our target and did: Front Kicks x 10 IC and Rear Kicks x 10IC. Back at the SF, the Pax did Skull Crushers x 10 R/L, followed by Low Flutters x 50 IC and Oblique Crunches x 10 IC R/L.

In CoT, Whiskey asked for TAPs for his friend John, who just passed away Saturday from a sudden heart attack; Cruiser mentioned his SiL, Vicki, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and has a tough battle ahead; and The Bishop shared again the sad news of Julie, a young girl that attended a summer program at UofChi with his 2.0, who was apparently the victim of parental abuse and chose to take her life. We asked the SkyQ to grant them all Peace, and gave thanks for our many blessings.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q.



QIC: Duggar
Pax: The Wreck, El Blanco, Cruiser (RR), The Bishop (R), Gemini, Whiskey (R), Jackrabbit (R), Scalpel, Rose Bowl, Kickstand, Detention, Britney, Monty