23 PAX posted at #TheHogg for their #DRP.  Did they get the #Beatdown they desired?  Let’s find out…


YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Modify as needed. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. #YouAgainstYou. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Use good form, especially when lifting masonry is involved!


Beautiful winter morning.  A cool 53 degrees, clear skies, light breeze.


Mosey to St. Theresa back lot:  side shuffle (L/R), back pedal, high knees, butt kickers


Circle of Pain (COP)

  • X 10 IC: Side straddle hops
  • X10 IC: Abe Vigodas (#VQ-Count Fail!  Got a little excited)
  • X10 IC: Imperial walkers
  • X10 OYO: Speed Lunge (L/R)
  • X10 IC: LBAC (F/R), Light Bulbs

Mosey to the Block Barrier and parking lot distribution center (PLDC), each PAX grabs a cinder block and meets their #LittleDarlin for the day.  This is your Little Darlin’.  There are many like it, but this one is yours…for today.  Slow mosey to form Big Circle around shovel flags.



#FunWithBlocks Series

Rev 1

  • X12 IC: The Bear

The PAX got introduced to one of YHC’s favorite combos:  Squat (pick up block), come up, transition to an overhead press, hold three seconds , cling down, squat back down, touch block to ground, repeat.  Exercise should take a 9-count all in, but we modified to a slow 3-count which *mostly* worked. #AkwardQCounting

  • X10 IC : Dolly’s (block supported 1”’ above chest)
  • X10 IC: Close Grip Incline Berkin (Block Merkin)
  • X10 IC: Rosalitas (block supported 1” above chest)
  • X10 IC: Decline Berkin (toes on block)
  • X10 OYO: Block Kettle bell swings

Rev 2

  • X12 OYO: The Bear (training wheels off)
  • X10 IC : Dolly’s (block supported fully extended)
  • X10 IC: Close Grip Incline Berkin (Block Merkin)
  • X10 IC: Rosalitas (block supported fully extended)
  • X10 IC: Decline Berkin (toes on block)
  • X8 IC: Block Kettle bell swings  #MoreAkwardQCounting

Rev 3

  • X13 OYO: The Bear  (One more set, that makes 37!)

Block Little Darlin’ 9’s

Spread out in a line along conitas #BigPax,2SmallaLine.

  • Modified 11’s with Burpees on one side, Russian Twists on other.  Carry block on ODD number Burpee numbers in between and do RT’s with block. (Burpees and RTs respectively add up to 36; so long 36!)
  • Plankorama for any that finish early
  • X10 OYO Block curls

Mosey back to Block Barrier to replace (and make a bigger stack) of cinders.  Put the #LittleDarlins back to bed.  Mosey to Shovel Flags after for COT.

CountoRamo and NameORama

23 PAX.  2 Second Helpings: Welcome back Dancing Bear and Shoog!  1 DR:  Thanks for joining us Bongo (NOLA).


  • TAPs for Cruiser’s 2.0’s wife.
  • TAPs for Beta.
  • Other TAPs shared that I did not catch, apologies
  • Announcements for Scope Run 5K and Spartan Race


Shoog took us out, asking the Sky Q for the strength to be better men, and to serve.


  • @Cruiser predicted that YHC would a) have a rough night’s sleep prior to his VQ, and b) that the VQ would fly by.  He was right on both!  Caused YHC to drink some non-reg coffee prior to the workout, which partially contributed to the #Misses below.  Time also seemed to speed up to about Warp 9 for the workout, flew by.
  • T-claps to @Pacecar for embracing the #youagainstyou.  He was knocking out the reps on the Block 9’s and finished strong!
  • #MumbleChatter was binary in this work out:  On in spades for the first half, but the PAX were eerily quiet in the second half!  Having too much #FunWithBlocks I suppose.
  • Somebody off-gassed a serious flatulence gift during the COT, which was enjoyed by at least half the PAX on that side, and by Duggar and YHC as we came around.  #BetterCheckYourDrawers #ThankYouButYouShouldn’tHave
  • Hits: YHC brought his B-VQ in on time and under budget.  YHC got through the whole workout without referencing the Weinke.  YHC did not pass out during the IC counting.
  • Misses:  YHC totally screwed up his cadence in the warmup, particularly on the Abe Vigodas.  Combination of excitement and wanting to get to the cinder block toys caused YHC to temporarily see accurate cadence as optional.  This resulted in considerable amounts of #MumbleChatter and light-hearted #QHarassment.
  • For YHC, this marks the first no-booze birthday in recent memory.  The knowledge of the VQ the day after caused YHC to behave with a desire to be in top form.  Course, all that responsibility goes out the window tonight!

Quick Reminders

Scope Run:

Saturday, March 25: As you know, we are planning a CSAUP (but with a point) on March 25 with the 12th Annual MD Anderson SCOPE 5K supporting Colorectal Cancer awareness, prevention and research. We have set up a team for F3 Nation, for more info contact Pace Car or Cruiser and you can register here https://thedriven.net/event.race_reg2/eid/7514234679/rid/.

Spartan Race

The first official F3 Texas (Houston, Dallas and San Antonio PAX) #CSAUP convergence. Quick summary, expect 4-5 miles with 20-23 obstacles, and lots of burpees. See link for more details: https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1880/overview?filter=sprint

Key info / How to sign up:

When: Sunday, May 21, 2017

Where: Reveille Peak Ranch |105 CR 114 Burnet, TX 78611

Event Q: We need one for the F3 Houston PAX. #leadership opportunity. Who wants it?

Registration Info:

Event: Spartan Sprint (NOT the Super)

Heat: Sunday Morning, 1115-1200 Heat

Team Name: F3Texas

Password: Fish61

@F3_250. You’ve heard about it. 250 workouts in 2017. Includes F3, Fern, and any other 30+ minute workout. Time for YOU to step up for your own @F3_250 #accountability

Twitter, Facebook, & F3Nation website: Sign up to stay informed and take advantage of #VirtualMumbleChatter.

Word of the Day: QUEEN: The Q’s discipline over what he puts into his body.

Thank you for the privilege and opportunity to lead on my Birthday,