#BlackOps #Backblast #TheHogg


QICs: Duggar, Leprechaun

PAX: Shoota, HUD, JaegerBomb, Bambi, Soda Pop, Trojan, Whisperer, Band Camp, Money Pit, Medium Rare, Shots Fired!, Petrol, Snoop Dog, Jackrabbit (RR), H-Bomb, Haggis, Turnbuckle (R), Cruiser (RR), Stitch (R), Gipper (R), Triple Threat, Hundo

F3 started 10 years ago in a middle school parking lot in North Carolina. Unbeknownst but perhaps suspected by the Founders, F3 turned out to be the solution to Sad Clown Syndrome. 24 PAX from around Houston gathered at Eleanor Tinsley Park to celebrate and give thanks for the positive influence F3 has had on our lives. The PAX were given a choice: standard F3 boot camp string of pearls or Heavy Hogg SoP with a ruck. Unbeknownst but perhaps suspected by the PAX, a steep hill awaited at every pain station.

Conditions: Glorious! 42d and damp grass

Disclaimer: Given


SSH x20 IC

Morpheus x21 IC

Split into two groups – go in opposite directions. Bootcamp runners with Duggar. Heavy Hogg Ruckers with YHC.

Stations along the String of Pearls:

  • Station 1: Bowl upstream of Startex
  • Station 2: Ramp with rail (aka, the Railway to Heaven)
  • Station 3: Paved path hill (aka, the Jamaican Bobsled)
  • Station 4: Hill next to skate park
  • Station 5: Hill above duck pond (aka, K2)

Bootcamp Runners (8 PAX)

Station 1: Jacob’s ladder to 7

Station 2: Bear crawl to top of rail

Station 3: 7 burpees, sprint to top, mosey down, x3

Station 4: 21 Merkins, sprint up, 21 Merkins, down hill, 21 Merkins , sprint up

Station 5: Jacobs ladder to 7

Heavy Hogg Ruckers (16 PAX)

Ruck and shuffle (#crowdpleaser) between stations. The transitions were a good chance for a little 2F and, to the great pleasure of the PAX the treacherous concrete gave YHC the opportunity to demonstrate how to barrel roll with a ruck.

Station 5. 10 burpees over ruck (BoR), walking lunge twist across top, 10 BoR, down the stairs, 10 burpees over ruck (BoR), OH press across bottom, ruck up the stairs, 11 BoR

Station 4. 10 ruck Merkins, sprint up with ruck, 11 ruck Merkins

Station 3. 21 ruck thrusters, slick sprint up

Station 2. Ruck Bear crawl to top of rail, followed by impromptu plank circle at the Police Memorial

Station 1. Jacobs ladder with ruck to 7

Bootcamp Runners arrived early and got some extra Mary, including Shoota’s go-to the Captain Thor. Heavy Hogg Ruckers did a relay race x2 in front of the amphitheater. The two groups then rejoined together for Mary.


  1. Squeaky Bed Dolly x20 IC
  2. American Hammer x21 IC

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama

24 PAX, no FNGs


Launches, including Ft. Bend and Katy becoming new regions and new AOs in January (details on Band)

Battleground upcoming anniversary and AOQ change over

GrowRuck in April , San Antonio – do it!

March GrowRuck overnight training courtesy of the Battleground, see Trojan for details

SnowDrop – rucking for childhood cancer survivors, see HUD for details


America, friends and family battling Covid, and #TheRiver PAX doing a half-marathon this morning.


Solid 2F. Get your money to Beta, Venmo info on Band. Thanks for Port of Call on IR for assist.


YHC entered 2020 thinking perhaps I was a #HIM and not sure if I was there or what was next. I enter 2021 knowing I’m an Amateur but with a path to turning Pro. Q’ing a workout with so many studs is yet another reminder of the work that remains undone. Wherever you are on the journey to #HIM – and whatever challenges or opportunities the last year threw at you – keep posting, use the Concentrica template to allocate your thoughts and energy, and Always Be Headlocking!