F3 Houston is here for you! Reach out when you need anything during the next few days AND weeks…

“Hurricane” Harvey is officially past us, but as you can see in projections above, “Tropical Storm” Harvey is still producing tropical-storm-force winds near the Louisiana coast. Flooding rains are continuing over extreme eastern Texas and Western Louisiana.

Locally, we are still facing the aftermath of this tragedy, and some folks in low lying areas are still facing their worst in the days ahead. TAPs to ALL those affected, and to all those evacuated from their homes waiting for any shred of positive news!

As we have said time and time again – this is the chance for F3 to be that shimmer of light in our community. Most of the Pax are already doing what we can locally, some are already going the distance (both metaphorically and physically), and some are keeping their families and loved ones safe until the worst passes. Whatever your situation, know the Pax is behind you and ready to leap at a moment’s notice.

We are mobilized on Band and ready to help all those in need (F3 families or not). Reach out and we will get help where needed. If you are not yet on Band, please join (click here) right away and advise how we can help you or your loved ones, or if you know a friend in need.

In addition to the helpful links further below, here are some insurance details we have been able to dig up due to the misinformation out there. Please note, you should still REACH OUT TO YOUR INSURANCE AGENTS and determine your own specific situation and how you may be protected. We are not lawyers and this is not to be considered legal advise:

TClaps to Backhoe who shared some lessons learned from a friend who sadly has gone through “numerous floods” of their own and shared lots of good information. You can find those lessons learned here – we highly encourage everyone to read this first person account in the link above. TClaps also to Britney for sharing a law firm’s view of what steps to take next. You can find those very important tips here.

Also, there has been a lot of ‘fake news’ about the supposed “Sept 1st deadline.” There is indeed a change in law coming, but it does not technically mean you are more or less protected, or that if you do not file your claim by then you are out of options. You have One Year to file your claim with your insurance, and your coverage is the same whether you file before or after Sept 1st – obviously the sooner you file the better, so don’t wait!

What does change is how the Insurance Companies are punished for what they call, “slow pay, underpayment or non-payment” … the change is to the Insurance Companies’ benefit:

“Effective this Friday, September 1, 2017, the property insurance legislation changes in Texas. This change will impact homeowners with claims against their insurers for slow pay, underpayment or non-payment. For claims submitted to the insurer before Friday, September 1, the Texas Insurance Code assesses, upon adjudication, an 18% interest penalty for slow pay, underpayment or non-payment. For claims filed after Thursday, August 31, the penalty is reduced to 10%.”

We encourage all the Pax affected by this storm to reach out to your own Insurance Agents and sort out your own specifics. Remember, even if you are not covered by any flood insurance, you should reach out to FEMA andDisasterAssistance.gov for a claim. Let the Pax know if you need any help and we can try to get the right people in touch going forward to try and help anyone in need… our reach is great!

There are still a lot of areas under Mandatory Evacuation, so keep in touch with your local leaders and authorities to stay safe!! Along with the local news, here are a few helpful links with information: