#F3Hoggwash  |  TOP 10 FAQs
– the official newsletter of F3 Houston –

F3 Houston has grown leaps and bounds since its launch six months ago on the 1st of October 2016. Our growth has been going strong and we should keep up the Emotional Headlock (EH), so we may continue our expansion.

You may be asking yourself, “why is F3 so focused on expansion? Why do we always talk about EH’ing FNGs, and growing F3?”

The answer is pretty straight forward once you search within yourself… What has F3 meant to you? Think about it – has F3 been a keystone habit in your own life?

As author Charles Duhigg, in his 2012 bestseller, The Power of Habit, calls it – a “keystone habit” is a change in one area of life that brings about positive effects in other areas. Duhigg says keystone habits are powerful because “they change our sense of self and our sense of what is possible.” Imagine if more men posted for F3. It is only natural that we want to share these same positive effects with other men all across our great city, and surrounding areas!

“The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.” Again, it is pretty straight forward to us – no gimmicks. Bring one FNG – bring all FNGs… EH away, brothers.
#ABH (Always Be Headlocking)

Along with this very important question above, you may be asking yourself a few more questions as we continue our journey of building F3 Houston. Below are the Top 10 FAQs we have put together for our newest and veteran members of the Pax.

Remember to keep this issue of Hoggwash handy for future reference, and so you have something to share with your future EHs & FNGs. Let us know what you think – do you have any other questions? Email us any time. We look forward to any and all comments to help us grow and improve.

Speaking of growth, note the AO Update below in #9 – more workouts coming our way. (Click here for the list of all our current workouts for F3 Houston including time and map locations.)

F3 Houston – Top 10 FAQs

1.  The number one question is answered above … #ABH !!

2.  How do I learn what is going on with F3 Houston?

  • We have just launched BAND Houston. BAND is a 100% free app packed with useful features for managing groups. This will be our main Comz Channel going forward for anything related to F3 Houston. Go to this link and also download the mobile app (links here: apple / android). Our BAND group is brilliantly called “F3 Houston” – logon with your F3 handle and join to learn what is going on. BAND is also where we will track Q schedules (check out the events calendar). We encourage everyone to participate, this works similarly to other social platforms, but has MORE useful features and you don’t have to be on Twitter or Facebook to keep in touch with your F3 Brothers and F3 News & Entertainment. Join the Mumble Chatter today!
  • Twitter is the “official” Comz Channel of F3 Nation. You can check Twitter for last minute updates, get to know other Pax and learn more about what is going on in F3 Nation. Make sure to follow @F3Houston and @F3Nation. If you have not got your handle yet, we highly recommend it – nice and easy way to be in the know with other F3 regions.

3.  How do I become a Q?
F3 is peer led and F3 hopes that you will step up to lead ASAP. To become the Q for a particular workout, just announce it – either during a workout, afterwards during the COT, or you can reply to this email with the date and Area of Operation (AO) for which you want to lead and you’ll officially be the Q.

You can always share the Q with a fellow Co-Q.  Ask around; we know anyone would be happy to co-Q with you! The Exicon is a great start to get your ideas flowing of what exercises to use – you can also go to older BBs to get ideas, and ask other Brothers for help. Everyone is nervous at the start of their Virgin-Q (you will be lucky to get sleep the night before you’ll be so excited), but you’ll be a Pro by your 2nd time around – just like everything else.

There is no prouder moment in a Q’s workout than when he looks over and sees he has gassed Duggar… go ahead – give Q a shot right away! Pick a date now and let us know when you are stepping up. Q schedules will also be tracked in the BAND Events Calendar.

** IMPORTANT Q-POINTS for us all to remember ** Post your BB (contact[email protected] if you need access to the F3Nation’s site), Post the #F3Counts on Twitter and BAND for each WO, get all the FNG'(s) contact info and share their info with ComzQ, Inferno at[email protected].

4.  What/when are the upcoming #CSAUPs?
Our next Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless events are:
Spartan Sprint Race in Austin (May 21st), and F3 GrowRuck in New Orleans (June 9-11th), check out any recent Backblast (BB) for details.  We also have Thirsty Third Thursdays (TTT) every month… where we meet at Kirby Ice House at 1730 hrs for Happy Hour – next up is April 20th. Hope to see everyone there!!

These events help build the 2nd F (Fellowship) among the Pax. We hope you will consider participating in these #CSAUP events!

5.  Why should I get up so early to post when I could just cozy up in my FartSack?
First off, think of the FNG(s) that will post – they need you there for the full support of the Pax!

Also, here is a fantastic list of excuse killers that F3 Nation has put together. Take a look any time you need your own reminder, or to help you prepare for your future EHs. It includes an answer to the #1 excuse we all hear, “I need to get in shape before I come work out with you guys” – and Dredd’s terrific analogy: “Would you get drunk before going to a bar to meet your buddies?”

To help with your morning energy levels, Leprechaun recommends Trader Joe’s coffee concentrate with water and a pinch of salt. Those with more refined palates prefer espresso (extra sassy Mumble Chatter warning to all Qs when Bishop has had his).

6.  Who’s in charge?
The Q is in charge of all things related to that day’s workout, but in general – nobody, and everybody… This is a perfect segue to recommend you go check out the book, Freed To Lead, written by F3 co-founders, Dredd & OBT.

It is a great and quick read that will: explain the method behind F3’s madness, motivate you to stick with the workouts and help you understand why you’d want to, reveal the history behind the explosive impact of F3 Nation Men’s Workouts, and provide you with many more gems for life in general.

7.  How can I learn about all the crazy F3 lingo / jargon?
The Lexicon is a the place to start – and the more you Post at the WOs, the more you’ll learn.

8.  What are the five core principles of F3 Workouts?
1. Are free of charge
2. Are open to all men
3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
5. End with a Circle of Trust

9.  How often should I try to workout with F3?
Our favorite line to use, which says it all, is: “Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself!”  We have 7 WO locations each week, with a current 8th pseudo AO for Extra Credit Fridays… you have plenty of opportunities to join us!

** AO UPDATE: The General will now have Monday 0530 hrs WOs starting next week, April 10th. Still needs a Q for this coming first Monday – hopefully, a VQ?!  Who is going to step up? Reply to this email, or let Britney know right away.

10.  How do I get my hands on some F3 Gear?
We have three baddass shirts for F3 Houston and you can also get your name on the Wait List for the National Race Jersey… can’t wait? You can get the standard F3 logo shirts any time at the F3 Gear Site. Once we have 12 Hard Commits (HC) for one of our specific designs, Team Mudgear will open up the page for our orders… it just takes an Order-Q to start a headcount, and get the ball rolling.

Check out all the F3 Houston Shirts in the following link to the order page.


Please contact YHC at [email protected] with any questions about F3, or any suggestions and topics for upcoming Hoggwash newsletters. Looking forward to hearing from all the Pax – let’s keep growing and improving.