As many of our new F3 brothers are aware, F3 Houston has a very active and enthusiastic rucking community throughout our AOs here in the Bayou City. In its most basic form, “rucking” is simply walking with a backpack and weight; whatever amount and distance is enough to push yourself. As many PAX will agree, it is a great and fun way to get fit, make friends, band together, set goals, and challenge yourself and others. With these goals in mind, I have been asked to lead our efforts as the Regional Ruck Q, and I am going to do just that with 110% dedication.

We have had an incredible amount of interest from the PAX in rucking since the start of F3 Houston , and our goal via this Backblast is to let our new members learn more about our F3 rucking community to continue the momentum. To begin, our rucking PAX have walked thousands of miles, participated in numerous ruck-themed events, and along the way, lifted and hauled many unusual things (and each other!). Many of these events are run through a Veteran-owned company called Goruck (, which holds four different levels of events depending on time, weight, distance, and intensity. All of the Goruck events are run by a “Cadre” who is a former Special Forces soldier, sailor, or airman. Many of our F3 PAX have participated in these events – they are very rewarding. We even held a local F3 Growruck custom this year, which was very well attended and inspiring. If you are looking to get gear or register, their current discount code is W1F0S9J6DU30.

Aside from the Goruck events themselves, other PAX members have participated in the Pathfinder Course, which is an online “you vs you” rucking program where you sign up to hit certain mileage and event goals over a three month period. It only costs about $20, but you get a patch and access to their killer mile recording app – logging each mile adds up, and is a great motivator! Check them out at

Beyond these types of events, we have many PAX now rucking locally at their home AOs before workouts, on the weekends, etc, and to push yourself further, you can access many challenging ruck workouts for free via In sum, many guys (including YHC) have seen the fitness and fellowship value in getting outside, logging miles, and lifting each other through rucking.

If all of the above sounds good to you, then grab a backpack, put something heavy in it, and come ruck with us – you will not be disappointed. If you need a backpack or weight, just ask. We have many challenging events in the upcoming lineup, including F3 Houston teams gearing up for the Dallas Star Course 50-miler, the San Antonio Goruck Tough, and the Houston Star Course 50 / 26.2 / 12 miler (we hope to add more, so send me a message on BAND) – if you are interested in joining, then please reach out! We will have more info on these and other events as the dates get closer. In the interim, SYITG, and let’s get after it.

Shots Fired!


Rocket: Wolverino

Yard: Duggar

Trinity: Boy Scout / D^3 / Smokey the Bear

River: Cruiser / Trojan

Kingdom: Bullseye

Mt. Houston: Snoop Dogg

Hogg: Haggis / Shots Fired!


Dallas Star Course – 50 miles / 20 Hours Dallas Texas Friday, 10.12.18 9:00 pm
Light Challenge (Battle of the Lone Star State) Houston Texas Saturday, 10.27.18 7:00 am
Heavy Challenge (HTL) Houston Texas Friday, 11.30.18 6:00 pm
Tough Challenge (HTL) Houston Texas Saturday, 12.1.18 10:00 pm
Light Challenge (HTL) Houston Texas Sunday, 12.2.18 2:00 pm
Tough Challenge San Antonio Texas Friday, 2.22.19 9:00 pm
Tough Challenge Houston Texas Friday, 3.15.19 9:00 pm
Light Challenge Houston Texas Saturday, 3.16.19 2:00 pm
Tough Challenge Houston Texas Friday, 5.3.19 9:00 pm
Light Challenge Houston Texas Saturday, 5.4.19 2:00 pm
Scavenger Houston Texas Sunday, 5.5.19 10:00 am
Heavy Challenge (HTL D-Day Memorial 75th Anniversary) Houston Texas Friday, 5.31.19 6:00 pm
Tough Challenge (HTL D-Day Memorial 75th Anniversary) Houston Texas Saturday, 6.1.19 10:00 pm
Light Challenge (HTL D-Day Memorial 75th Anniversary) Houston Texas Sunday, 6.2.19 1:00 pm
Houston Star Course 50 / 26.2 /12 Miler Houston Texas Friday, 6.22.19, 6:00 pm