Where: Memorial Park Running Center
When: March 19-20, 2021 @ 2100
Conditions: Cool. Cooler than YHC had expected.

Q’dres: Trojan and YHC. With some C-Q’re assistance from: F3LeprechaunF3_Duggar Long Island SnoopDog Obstacle and Cadre Whiskey Mike
PAX: Bambi Band Camp Bora Bora Caterpillar Crockett FreeTime Hundo Italian Stallion Men in Tights Money Ball Money Pit No Guts!!! Pork Loin Running Man Scratch N Sniff Soda Pop Sneaker Triple Threat VIBRAM The Whittler Zero
Long post ahead… it was a 12.5 hour event.
Distance was between 10-12 miles – per Goruck, double the PT, half the miles

PAX were formed up, disclaimer was read and they were ready to go.

WELCOME PARTY: Pax were told to empty everything from their rucks for a gear inspection. YHC went around and made sure PAX could listen and do what they were told. No issues found when it came to gear.
Back at the front of the crew, YHC told PAX to pack their rucks, fast.
We had to practice this several times. YHC changed the timer from 40 to 35 seconds. PAX were getting pretty damn good at it. We rinsed and repeated about 4-5 times.
PAX were told to remove their nalgenes from their rucks, open and hold out for inspection. Before the event started, we told them to have their nalgene FULL, to the brim, keeping electrolytes separate. Q’dres went around and made sure they were full to the brim – if not, the individual must pour their nalgene overhead and empty it.
Next, PAX circled up to receive a few infraction exercises – 100 hand release merkins were on the menu. Then VIBRAM requested more, so YHC added 50 on top. Post infraction fun, Trojan requested 100 ruck overhead squats, 100 ruck front squats and 100 ruck back squats. And to wrap it all up, 150 more hand release merkins.

FIRST ROTATION: TL/ATL were assigned, coupons were handed out and PAX formed up facing the trail corridor. TLs were assigned a ‘code’ to memorize and be able to repeat – We will explain why later, BUT remember this is a team event. Team marched down the corridor, under the bridge and ranked up alongside Buffalo Bayou. With PAX in rank, we were treated to a wonderful chorus of ours Nation’s anthem.
Trojan asked the PAX who had ever done a river crossing. Some had, some hadnt – as we expected. Team was instructed to remove anything they didnt want to get wet. Some showed nerves, others were stoned face. After a little mind game, they were told to redress and regather – the relief from the crowd was very well heard.
TLs were asked to recall the code – no luck – they were given a second chance to review and relearn. Team was given a time hack to return to the parking lot and reform. They did well in this movement and by a hair, made the hack.
Team was told to drop one of the smaller coupons.
Again, TLs were asked the code and failed. Q’dre instructed the TLs to carry all the coupons, in one trip back to the bayou. Obviously rhetorical… This is a team event, if you have a long code to remember, share with your team – just as you do your heavy coupons.

PAX were told to head back down the corridor and turn into the trees at the chem light and form up.
They were given 4 instructions:
1. Plant flag in front of the chem light on pile
2. Assemble in formation
3. Maintain noise discipline
4. Maintain light discipline.
In the woods, in dark and silence…
In comes F3Leprechaun

PAX arrived at the mulch pit under light and noise discipline. They successfully completed 2 of the 4 instructions.
Here the PAX learned all about formation.
Simple movements, repeating them and learning to get good, fast.
Lessons learend:
-Improvise to acheive objective.
-Formation spacing, order and movement.
-Know how many coupons you have at all times.
-Move with Purpose.
-Know how many PAX you have at all times.
-Move in unison.
PAX did well and were rewarded with ruck free exercises, such as, climbing mulch mountain and doing the mount mulch conveyor belt with sandbags.

SECOND ROTATION: New TL/ATL were assigned. Team was instructed to head down Ho Chi Minh trail, stack coupons at the chem light and return to the trail head. Q’dres made a push to ensure all spots were filled and made sure the team filled them – 2 PAX decided not to show – as a result ~30 yard skull drag through the lovely, fresh and thick mud
Gather coupons and head down the Purple Trail through the woods. It got dark and quiet quick as team fought through the ups and downs.
Even the Q’dres had to learn to improvise – the purple trail was closed and had been renovated. Team moved through the trees and Q’dres took them off the beaten path to attempt to conquer the Purple Trail.
We discovered that the bike bridge had been destroyed, which in result, makes for some damn fine team work when having to get the coupons over, including the Hogg Log. Eventually we found where the trail picked up and we pushed through the trees to end up at Picnic area 1. PAX piled coupons and were told to rest in prone position and wait for further instruction.
As written by the man himself:
After a horrendous march, the PAX got to a temporary rest spot, or so they thought. The look of confusion on the faces of the PAX as Trojan proclaimed “Long Island, they’re all yours”
I emerged from the darkness, a foreign comrade on a mission.

The Devil’s Deuce:
A modified version of the Devil’s Mile scaled for time. In it’s full glory, it is meant to be amplified form its original incarnation. The next step in evolution. But we were crunched for time so I offered a buy out. If the PAX could answer F3 trivia, they would be spared additional movements as a reward for their mental sharpness. As I am very proud to say, they answered correctly.
-Suitcase carry x 200m (right arm)
-Suitcase carry x 200m (left arm)
When was the first ever F3 BD?
Where was F3 born?
OH Ruck Walk x 200m
Strap only ruck low carry
I spoke on the importance of representing F3. How we show up and take the lead. The emblem on our chest, rucks and hats stands for something bigger than just the AO we frequent, or even our region. It’s a symbol of HIMs across the nation
What are our 5 core principles? Get at least 3 correct for a rest, get all 5 correct and I will make your Q’dre ruck run 400m.
It was as if the heaven parted. They search the deepest depths of their memory and much like the rest of they night, they prevailed.
Trojan and Rewatch Ruck Run x 400m as Zero followed them to make sure they pushed the pace. And as quickly as I entered, I passed the torch back to the Q’dres.

THIRD ROTATION: Upon LI’s exit, we asked that he give the team a break and give the 120, 80 and 60 a ride down the road… Little did PAX know, like the terminator, theyd be back.
PAX were given a rest and told to form up. They headed down the way pushing as hard as they could. Energy among the team was strong and never faltered. Little did they know what waited in the trees.
2 little silhouettes of suck appeared on the horizon.
Bring out Q’dres: Spunk Rag and Swamp Nutts (SnoopDog and Obstacle)
Had team form up, let them know the amount of effort they put out will depend if they got the 1 or 2 mile route to the next AO.
Spunk Rag selected 3 team captains. Captains picked their reams. Once selected, we gave them 1 minute to select their fast member and to send them over to us. Spunk Rag instructed those 3 to run to big tree (about 1/2 mile) AFAP and select one of 4 coupons waiting (10# filler, 20# filler, 55# plate, 60# bladder)… Pays to be a winner.
Swamp Nutts put the group in the Bermuda Triangle Ditch and had them start bear crawling, the faster their guy runs and gets back, the faster they get out.
Zero returned and was asked what team he was one – Team 1 was instructed to get out of the ditch and recover.
FreeTime returned shortly after, asked what number his team was and he answered incorrectly or fast enough for Swamp Nutts. He was instructed to join them in the ditch.
We moved to do flutter kicks IC, after multiple attempts to do them IC as a unit. We moved to merkins and back to flutter kicks.
Hundo returned, carrying the last 2 items, the plate and bladder. Not sure why he picked them up and returned with both but it gave the team in the ditch a lot of opportunity to improve on their bear crawls, flutter kicks and merkins. Good job on the extra credit Hundo.
Spunk Rag took Team 1 to the pull up bars…
Swamp Nutts has the other 2 teams do a relay race.
First Race: Slick run around Trojan and back. Teammates not racing to hold rucks overhead/ruck on hold of bottom squat. Moved to flutter kicks then overhead press.
Teams swapped out on relay as they returned from the bars.
Q’dre gave a few friendly reminders about the importance of following directions. Teams didnt appreciate the encouragement. A few time hacks were mixed in during this time, most were missed, debts were paid with to improve on the previous exercises. As Team 3 was at the pull up bar, Swamp Nutts had the other 2 teams form 1 line and bear crawled. They were told to move to Trojan as one unit, no more than an arms length apart. They almost made it but spread out at the end and had to return to start and try again. They moved too slow, so to get their mind back on track, 5 burpees OYO. Team lined back up to try again – in which they made it as a team.
Meanwhile at the pull up bars:
Instructions were simple, 2 of the 7 team members were to slick hold on the pull up bar while the other 5 held rucks overhead. Turns were taken on the bar hold. No time goal was given…more of when Spunk Rag was satisfied theyd had enough. Only about half of the PAX made it more than ~20 seconds on holds. Team 1, all 7 members made the time for the hold.
Reform team, rest. TL/ATL were given instructions to line up on path and move towards speedway.. was assigned the role of casualty and team was given a litter to move him. Q’dre inspected the AO and found a lone sad battery left behind – this will return to haunt them.

During the movement, Q’dres pulled a few PAX out of line and told them to place weight in the trailer. Eventually loading all the teams weight on the trailer. Q’dres called entire team to road, Running Man was brought back to life and added all weights and rucks to trailer. Team selected their slowest runner as a pace setter for the group and was instructed to cross the street, move out and Q’dres would meet them and let them know when to stop. The effort put out earned the team the shorter 1 mile route – THIRD ROTATION

Team arrived at #thehogg for retrieve their rucks for the regularly scheduled BD.
Q’dres Trojan and YHC took over Q of the Hogg. Its hard to write a BB in the middle of a BB. 4 PAX (Tophat H-bomb Haggis and DR Mitty?) met us for a bit of the 2nd Company Ranger WOD.
YHC and Trojan took turns giving it to the PAX on this nasty ruck WOD.
20 IC LBAC x Flapjack
25 CC Alternating Lunges
25 IC American Hammers
25 CC Merkins
25 IC 4ct Low Flutters
25 CC Burpees
25 IC 4ct Mountain Climbers
25 CC Ruck OH Squats
25 CC Squat Thrusters
25 CC Ruck Swings.
We made it through about 1. 5 rounds when our time came to and end.
To wrap it up, we closed out with a little bit of low crawl ruck drag.
– Spigot Launch
– Battleground Water Bucket WOD w/ – March 27
– Lots going on in our PAXs lives, be on the lookout for your BOTG’s 6
PAX got a small rest and gathered themselves and the coupons to head back for the Running Center – for a lesson they soon wont forget. It’s not over till its over.

FOURTH ROTATION – TL/ATL were assigned and we moved out – time hack was given, in addition.
Along the way YHC wanted to be in the fight with the boys and, much to his dismay – , remember, sharing is caring – YHC took the 120 for a while and shared with Trojan.
With the clock ticking on the hack, the team was adamant they needed a bio break. Had it not been for the break, team would have made the time.
When we reached Memorial Dr, team had to cross the living bridge, no more coupon swaps and finish with noise discipline.
PAX were instructed to plant flag, stack coupons and form up.
Much to their surprise and grief – we handed the Q over to Cadre Whiskey Mike, who for some reason in the request to join, seemed beyond over joyed to spank them.
Whiskey Mike drove home point of its not over till its over. Dont do anything till you are instructed. He proceeded to smoke the PAX on keeping cadence as a team. WM served up: merkins, 8ct BB, ruck overhead holds, etc.
WM was proud to see these guys here pushing themselves and getting better in preparation for GrowRuck. He encouraged the HIMs to keep pushing and keep training.
We reminded WM for the lone sad battery left behind and team was punished.
At the end of the event, the team was formed up and asked to recite the code – they nailed it on the first try. Team was forced to line up in the same order each time – some having to remember the digit for the man next to them.
CODE: GSR62961C4BJWEG9GL118779
ENDEX – granted, there may be some i missed.

NMM: YHC and Trojan love to put these events on, even though its a lot of work and time. The reward for us, on top of the poopy faces, is being able to introduce new PAX to this life. We like being able to show them that they have more in them than they know, they are stronger than they realize and that there is a leader in each of us.
We joke, but it may be true, the guys doing the event vs the guys leading it, will be way more prepared. F3 Houston will have some strong guys going into GrowRuck and it will ring so loudly that we hit hard in Texas and everyone will know what we have to offer in the HTX,
A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped and came out for the event.
MC will return…