31 PAX (3 FNGs) posted at #thekingdom for a special Guest Q to celebrate the birthday of the US Marine Corps. The pain was brought, and powerful wisdom was shared.

Weather: 71 degrees and damp.

Disclaimer: Given. Push but don’t hurt. Challenge the Man in the Mirror. Battle Buddies chosen for FNGs.

At this point YHC handed the reins over to our Guest QIC of the day, retired Major and combat veteran USMC Brad Flurry (F3 Major). Major put the PAX on notice that some shared suffering was about to take place. GIve it your best.

-SSH x 12 IC
-LBAC Forward and Reverse x 15 IC
-Merkin x 10 IC
-Squat x 13 IC

Count off 1’s and 2’s, form up with your partner. But before we leave, the Q drew our attention to the SFs. Those would be “home” for the day and whenever the Q blew the whistle the PAX had to run, touch home, and return to the work.

Mosey to the special Little Darlin’ storage area, everyone grab your date for the morning. PAX also unloaded some additonal new recruits from YHCs truck. Mosey with Darlin to South parking lot, lineup.

The Thang
Station 1: Partner Exercise. P1 does Thrusters while P2 sprints to a far light pole. Pair needs to reach 50.

Station 2: Burpee Lateral Block Jump (Burpee, jump over block) x 30 on Q

Whistle blown. Run Home! Return!

Station 3: Block Curl x 20 IC

Station 4: Partner Exercise: 2-Block “Explosive Merkin” , alternating Flutter Kicks. 5 sets of 5 per PAX.

Mosey to adjoining lot with Darlins.

Run Home! Return. Several PAX digging deep on this one.

Station 5: Partner Exercise: P1 does Farmer Carry while P2 does Reverse Burpees. Once P1 reaches end of line P2 sprints to catch up, switch off. The #clydesdales rejoiced.

Station 5: Manmaker Derkin, leg lift over block. 3 sets of 10, OYO

Run Home! Return!

Blocks on shoulders, mosey to put them back to bed. Mosey back to the flags, with a little #Jailbreak on the way. 2H “Tempo” leading the way.

31 PAX! Quite strong. Welcome to FNGs Wedgie, Brisket, and Romeo.

Following FNG naming Major asked the PAX to form a switzer. Major shared with the PAX the importance of the USMC birthday, and what it represents. He spoke to the legacy of men who showed Uncommon Valor, who stepped up when called upon, and who led and looked after the brothers around him. Then, he shared how his perspective has changed, from not just Leader to now Leader and Father. Although Glory is good, our first and upmost priority must be to look after HOME. Although we may go out in the world and do great things we must always first protect and serve our homes. Ensure our wives know they are precious and valued. Ensure our children are raised in Love and Strength. Help out neighbor. Look after our communities. This is the first challenge of #Concentrica, and the top focus of the virtuous man.