16 pax started their week off the right way and overcame the FS on this Monday morning.

Detention, Gipper, PIP, Mr. Rogers, Whiskey, Ringo, Iggy, Bonesaw, Quack, Quaterback, Hecho, Charmin, Valdarama, Stitch, Tent (visiting from CA) and YHC.

After a typical warmup including 100 SSH, pax moseyed over to the nearest 2 story shopping center for some DORA & cardio inspired exercises.

Partner 1 runs up 2 flights and heads over to nearest landing to find more steps to head down while partner 2 starts the following…

50 Burpees
100 BBSU
150 Bonnie Blair’s

Quick 10 count and back at again with the following..

100 Monkey Humpers
100 Mountain Climbers

Mosey back for some AMRAP dips and 50 LBC’s. Finished off with Sally song focusing on merkins, BBSU @ LBC’s. Always an honor to lead such a fine group of men.

Iggy and Ringo keep it up! Welcome back Hecho. Shout out to Gipper and Stitch for assisting Tent to enjoy our h-town BD’s!