Brothers of F3!

Those words have deeper meaning in the wake of Harvey. Natural disasters remind us of our common humanity, and they call to our better selves to help others in need. F3 Houston has done just that! You have all in your own way Lived 3rd and made us all proud to call each other in the Pax, “Brothers.”

In these recent times, when people seem so distant from each other – and our differences have divided communities instead of making them stronger – it is High Impact Males (#HIMs), like the men of our F3 Pax, who show our communities what true leadership looks like. To go above and beyond, to help your fellow man, to look out not just for your own, but for others in your community.

It is estimated that over 185,000 dwellings (more than 10% of all structures) have been flooded by Harvey facing dangers from mold, electrical hazards, deadly fumes and toxins in the receding water. Sagging ceilings, slippery floors, and rough edges of debris also represent threats of wounds from cuts or punctures. For anyone who does suffer an injury, such as a cut or puncture wound, Authorities are urging tetanus shots for anyone who hasn’t had one in 10 years. Lucky for us, Daredevil has arranged for the Pax to get free tetanus shots… Reach out to him directly on Band, if necessary. #TClaps, brother!

All these health concerns are real, and will certainly only get worse as time passes and homes remain under water. So many of the Pax are out there Living 3rd and we want to be sure everyone remembers to stay safe in the coming days and weeks. It is important to remember that this past week of hard work has been meaningful on multiple fronts, and we should all be mindful that it will soon come a time where going into these homes is no longer safe!

Our efforts as F3 Houston will not slow down, they will not ever cease; however, we may need to turn our attention to other ways of helping #HoustonStayStrong. You have all done great work these last few days (as you have seen the Mumble Chatter on Twitter, the whole of F3 Nation is incredibly proud of F3 Houston – TClaps!), and surely will continue doing so going forward. We will keep up the Comz on Band, and anyone who has new ways of helping the community is encouraged to share ideas with the Paxas we all start trying to get back to our “normal lives” and back to work in the coming days.

Most AOs are back up and running, The Trinity is the only one still closed being used as a shelter. We will be using Walter Hall Park in League City as the Temporary AO until further notice.

Upcoming Workouts:

  • Mon @ TheGeneral – Britney
    • Labor Day Beatdown!!
  • Tue @ TheHogg – OPEN
  • Tue @ TheTrinity – Weedwacker
  • Tue @ TheYard – OPEN
  • Wed @ TheGeneral – El Blanco
  • Thu @ TheYard – OPEN
  • Thu @ TheHogg – OPEN
  • Sat @ TheTrinity – Cruiser
  • Sat @ TheYard & The Hogg – OPEN

Continue being the man that makes a difference in the lives of others. #IAmThird

#SYITG – Aye!