23 PAX posted at #TheHogg for the inaugural F3 Houston Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).


YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Modify as needed. #YouAgainstYou. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


79 degrees with mild-ish humidity. Pretty nice relative to recent sweatfests.

Warm Up

Mosey north through the Garden of Tranquility, past the bleachers, and across the streets, and into the darkness of the hidden softball fields. Along the way: high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle (L/R) and back peddle.

Circle of Pain

Brief COP

10x IC of SSH, Arm-o-rama, and alternating lunges.

Count off 1-2.

The Thang


Partner 1: max reps in 2 minutes.



Partner 1: max reps in 2 minutes.


Mosey north to Memorial Speedway.

2-mile timed run

Following conventional wisdom (YHC should’ve known better), the PAX were instructed to run 10 laps – conventional wisdom being that the track is 0.2 miles in length. After a few laps, two things became apparent: 1) time was growing short, and 2) the track is longer than 0.2 miles.

YHC called an audible (euphemism for Q-fail), and stopped the running at 5 laps, and the PAX headed back to the shovel flags.

Much discussion ensued along the way – how long is the track? Weedwacker’s GPS said 0.24 miles. Whiskey his “mile pace” indicated 4 laps was a mile. Gemini’s tracker said 0.2 miles. Buble ran five laps in 10 minutes and said there was no way he was running at a 10 minute mile pace.

CountORama and NameORama:

23 PAX, 0 FNGs.


The Six came in at 6:19am. YHC hates it when workouts run long (clearly a Q-fail), so with apologies to the PAX we moved right into TAPs.


Fire & Ice’s granddaughter, Britney’s mom, Cheech’s family


YHC took us out, keeping it – in Britney’s immortal words – short and sweet.


Further apologies to the PAX for the logistical problems. During post-BOM discussion, YHC and the PAX came up with a plan for next APFT: push ups and sit ups at the shovel flags, run a mile on the trail then return to the shovel flags. That should cut out 10-12 minutes of travel time to the Memorial Speedway and get us done on time.

The AFPT was used at GrowRuck03 in NOLA, and the PAX are bringing it back to Houston.

It is important to establish a Standard – an objective measurement of performance or behavior. One either passes or fails (there is no “try”). The AFPT provides a framework – the charts are posted to BAND and can be found on the internet. Each PAX must determine his own Standard – do you want to be a 60% soldier (the minimum to stay in the Army) or can you reach 100%? Are you measuring yourself against your age bracket, or are you trying to achieve a score based on a younger age? Where do you want to be by year-end 2017, the first full year of F3 Houston? Only you can decide.

F3 Houston will have quarterly tests on the AFPT. YHC would not be surprised by some Friday or Sunday extra credit work on a monthly basis for those want to check in more regularly.

Quick Reminders

Houston Tough Mudder > Nov 11-12th, 2017 >5 Miles, 13 Obstacles, 1 Extraordinary Experience. Even dirtier than the Spartan Race, but just as much of a 2nd F team building experience.  More info here.#CSAUP

Houston Spartan Sprint > March 24th, 2018 > 3-5 miles, 20-23 Obstacles. The Reebok Spartan Sprint: This is our shortest distance. It is perfect for athletes of all levels; from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. The race is a fantastic test of your physical ability, but an even better 2nd F experience.  More info here.#CSAUP

Twitter/BAND:We have a good comms system going for F3 Houston via Twitter and BAND.  Get on either and look up F3 for regular updates and #Mumblechatter. Inferno or one of the other PAX (YHC included) can also help get you hooked up.

GrowRuck – Q1 in Texas. Details forthcoming over the next few months. It’s never too early to start getting ready.


STANDARD: An objective measure of performance or behavior. http://f3nation.com/lexicon/

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.