22 PAX posted at #TheHogg and put in the work to earn their respective #DRP.


YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Modify as needed. #YouAgainstYou. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


Glorious! And muggy.

Warm Up

Mosey from the parking lot all the way to the Shovel Flags. 30 meters. Maybe a little more.

Circle of Pain

  • SSH x51 IC
  • Arm-o-rama: LBAC (F/R) x15, Light Bulbs x10, Moroccan Nightclub x10, all IC
  • Windmill x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC

Mosey snaking along the roadside ditch, ultimately arriving at Bushwood CC.


6-Minute SLAM (aka, WoooOOOOooo, Ric Flair!) – in thirds, with a 20 second grace period.

  • Speed lunges (L/R) x 34
  • Aussie Pull-ups x 17
  • Merkins x 34
  • Complete the above in any order in 2:20.
  • RnR x3

The PAX crushed this one today. YHC feels a little guilty that it was too easy. Buble kept the #MumbleChatter going throughout; he and Podcast were next to YHC and really impressed this morning. Farther down the line Hookup could’ve been mistaken for someone half his age. T’Claps to Zelda for #PushYourself – he kept pushing the reps until time expired.

Mosey over to the Bleachers, partner up.


  • Partner 1 does pull-ups, Partner 2 runs around the Bleachers.
  • RnR team gets 60 pull-ups. #ModifyAsNeeded
  • Plank for the Six

Mosey through the Garden of Tranquility and cross the moat to St. Theresa’s back parking lot. YHC would be remiss if he didn’t mention that he lost a shoe (quickly recovered) in the process. Embrace the Suck? Embrace the Muck!

Upside Down Time

Find your partner.

  • Partner 1 BTTW, Partner 2 run a lap around the parking lot. Flapjack.
  • RnR x3
  • LBCs for the six

Not always easy to catch your breath on this one, as the aborted attempts to complain about wet shoes and difficulty breathing demonstrated. T’Claps to Whiskey, who was really motoring on the lap portion, and to Hootie, who continues to make big strides since he and YHC partnered up on a similar endeavor in one of his first workouts.

Mosey back to the Side Yard to finish things off with:

Jane Fonda

  • Fire Hydrant (R/L) x8 IC
  • 1-leg Donkey Kick (R/L) x8 IC
  • Jail Break to Shovel Flags
  • Lateral leg raises (R/L) x10 IC

CountORama and NameORama:

22PAX, 0 FNGs.



  • 2F tonight at Kirby Ice House after work, ~1730.
  • Extra Credit hill work at Hermann Park Friday morning at 0530.
  • Scope Run this Saturday, convergence at Hermann Park / Miller Outdoor Theater at 0600.
  • Spartan Race June 21.
  • GrowRuck June 9-11

Remember The Six.

Duggar informed the group that Dr. Seuss is experiencing a difficult time, and reminded the PAX that, just was we never leave a man behind in the workout, to keep those who can’t make it out in our thoughts and prayers, and help them if we can. TAPs, Dr. Seuss.


Thanks to Camo for taking us out.


Great to have our brother Bongo from NOLA join us. Good work today, and hope to see you back with us.

So much for reconnoitering the Memorial Park ditches in the first part of the workout…

YHC was impressed with Brittany and Buble’s interpretation of the pull-up session, but come on guys. When you were in third grade and the fat kid brought snacks, did he bring grapes and apples? No, he brought cupcakes and cookies. It’s kind of like that. Of course you can modify when YHC calls for pull ups. In any event, YHC shall endeavor to communicate more clearly.

Quick Reminders

**NOTE** There is NO Workout at The Hogg or The Yard this Saturday 3/25. Instead, converge at 0600 – 0700 at Hermann Park Miller Outdoor Theatre prior to the MD Anderson SCOPE 5K Run at 0800.

SCOPE 5K: Run for Colorectal Cancer. This is the next F3 Houston #CSAUP event. Pace Car and Cruiser are the Event Q’s. Colorectal cancer is bad news and especially prevalent in men. The plan if for an F3 workout before the run starts, and then crush the race.

Spartan Race. The first official F3 Texas (Houston, Dallas and San Antonio PAX) #CSAUP convergence. Quick summary, expect 4-5 miles with 20-23 obstacles, and lots of burpees. See link for more details: https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1880/overview?filter=sprint 

Key info / How to sign up:

  • When: Sunday, May 21, 2017
  • Where: Reveille Peak Ranch|105 CR 114 Burnet, TX 78611
  • Event Q:We need one for the F3 Houston PAX. #leadership opportunity. Who wants it?
  • Registration Info:
    • Event:Spartan Sprint (NOT the Super)
    • Heat: Sunday Morning, 1115-1200 Heat
    • Team Name: F3Texas
    • Password: Fish61

GrowRuck 03 – New Orleans June 9-11 combines F3 Grow School with a GoRuck Tough. Details to follow. Have no doubt, this will be a transformative event for the PAX that do it, as well as for F3 Houston and F3 Texas. Get excited!


SIX: Your posterior end, or the PAX at the trailing end of a Workout. The place most FNG’s start, but where few remain for long if they keep taking the DRP.


Thank you for the opportunity to lead.