The #EmotionalHeadlock

Do you remember your F3 Proud Papa? Who was the man in your life who introduced F3 to you and brought you out to your first Post? Do you remember what he said to you that first time he brought it up? Do you remember what the final words were that made you turn the corner and think, “Okay, I’ll come check it out” – ???

I bet you know the answer to all those questions! You may have to think back a bit, but you remember. Did you thank this man after your first workout? Did you feel grateful to have learned about this strange group once and for all? Did you maybe even wonder why you hadn’t Posted sooner? And MAYBE, did you start running through other men’s names in your head who may also benefit from F3, and on whom you would put the Emotional Headlock (#EH) of your own to recruit for a workout???

If you are still reading this, then you are an F3 Brother! You are a believer in the secret sauce that is this group of leaders – fraternity of brothers – family of men. We are brothers! We are not selling snake-oil, pushing bad habits on other men, or asking for handouts. Quite the opposite. Posting for an F3 workout is hard work – there are no shortcuts – and we push each other all the time. When we #EH another man, we see this as doing him a favor and hoping they begin the change in their lives to make themselves great again.

Now ask yourself: when was the last time you #EH’d someone in your life? Was it the Checker at the grocery store this weekend? Was it that co-Worker at the office, the Father in your kid’s class, your Neighbor way down the street, or that Guy you always see running in your street?

If not, why not???

If you know F3 is a good thing and you are thankful to your own Proud Papa, then why are you afraid or too shy to #EH other men in your lives? There is no need, brother! We should all be #GivingItAway all day. There is no shame in wanting to share what is good in your life with others, and there is no shame in talking about F3. Remember, this is not Fight Club – go out there and talk about it!  #Give2Give

If you’re asking yourself, how can I get started?

Again, think back to your first conversation with your Proud Papa. What did he say? How did he make a connection with you? Be sincere and find a way to relate to him personally. It’s a simple conversation – as Dale Carnegie writes:

  1. Become genuinely interested in the listener
  2. Smile!
  3. Get his name, remember it, and use it
  4. Be a good listener – encourage him to talk about himself
  5. Talk in terms of his interests, if you don’t know his interests… ask!
  6. Make him feel important – and do it sincerely… FNGs are always important!!

When is it the right time? Really, all the time – no need to hold on to a good thing. Remember to give it away when you notice a guy wearing sneakers or looks like he may be a runner (or not!), but may be sick of running alone, or when you meet a new family in the neighborhood looking to meet new families in the area, or when you are at your next kid’s birthday party – make it a challenge of how many other dads you can #EH. Try to break your own personal record at each next birthday party (#YouAgainstYou)! Stop the garbage man or mailman outside next time you see them and say hello…

The thing of it is to remember how you felt when you first heard of F3 and remember how you felt after your first workout driving home, or later that day. That sense of accomplishment, and eagerness to go BACK OUT there and BETTER YOURSELF once more – with your brothers of the gloom!!

Oh, and by the way!  If you haven’t posted in over a week yourself… where the hell are you, brother!  We miss you – hurry back and get your sweat-on with your brothers. Don’t wait any longer, Post tomorrow morning!!!