Thirteen Pax, including one FNG, took their #DRP and posted in #TheGloom for a brick assisted #beatdown.


  • YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. #youagainstyou Modify if you need to. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


  • 72°, 92% humidity and overcast, which is a recipe for lots of sweat. Big lightning storm in the distance put on quite a show.


  • Pre-launch #mumblechatter caused Q to audible to 10 Burpees OYO
  • Grab a pair… of bricks that is!
  • Start with a little Al Jarreau, “Anyone Want to Waltzing in the Garden” of Tranquility (GOT) to the Sister of Mercy front parking lot, No Mercy Street.
  • Line up for some Agility Work using the center curb and holding your bricks
    • Run the length of the curb alternating sides with each stride
    • Lateral Stepovers x 20 OYO 4 count
    • Front/Back Jumpovers x 20 OYO 4 count
    • Lateral Stepovers x 20 OYO 4 count
    • Run the length of the curb alternating sides with each stride
  • Mosey to the Side Yard for some BRICKS with your bricks
    • Burpees x 5 OYO then run over to the far side of the Side Yard and back
    • Rocks Up (Overhead Press) x 10 4-count OYO, run over/back
    • Imperial Walkers holding bricks at shoulders x 15 4-count OYO, run over/back
    • Curls x 20 4-count OYO, run over/back
    • Karate Chops x 25 OYO 4-count, run over/back
    • Squats x 30 OYO, run over/back
    • Rinse-n-repeat x 2
    • Extra credit:
      • Round 1: Travoltas with Bricks x 20 each side OYO
      • Round 2: Plank with Alternating R/L Arm Rows x 20 each side OYO
  • Anyone Want to Waltzing in the Garden” of Tranquility stopping for Pain Stations with bricks
    • 1st Circle: Step-ups x 20 4-count each leg OYO
    • 2nd Circle: Shoulder Flys x 20 OYO
  • Mosey over to the Shovel Flag for some SAC (Stomach and Chest) work, 4-count cadence
    • High Flutter x 15 IC
    • Low Flutter x 15 IC
    • Rosalita x 15 IC
    • Dolly x 15 IC
    • Right Side Crunches x 15 IC
    • Left Side Crunches x 15 IC
    • 10 Merkins with hands on bricks after each Stomach set x 10 OYO
  • Mosey over to the River Kwai
    • Plank over the River Kwai and Pax moves to their right along the ditch x 20
    • Rinse-n-repeat going to their left
  • Mosey through the parking lot to the Shovel Flag
    • Stop at the edge of the parking lot for Post-ups (diamond merkins performed on a post) x 20, resume Mosey
    • Overhead Presses x 15 IC after reaching the Shovel Flag
    • Transition to Circle of Trust (COT)


  • 13 men with 1 FNG, Aye!


  • 1 FNG, Steers (Ben Rogers)

BoM (Ball of Man)

  • We lifted up Buble’s uncle and Rocky (Terry Jones from F3 Greenwood), who are both fighting the good fight against cancer. #staystrong Brothers! We are praying for you and your families.


  • I can’t think of a better or funnier way to start a workout with brick pavers than to have Duggar say “Does everyone have a pair?” He was of course referring to the bricks, but that isn’t what the Pax heard… a lot of laughs from that gem!!! It was such a good line that I had to appropriate it for the workout title. Thanks Dugs!
  • The Pax was introduced to a new Coupon today, brick pavers. Like the bags of Sak-rete, they were a #crowdpleaser. Brick pavers typically weigh 8-10lbs. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is a #gamechanger when you haul 2 of them around for 40 minutes doing exercise. Thanks to Duggar for bringing the gear. We like to use Coupons periodically to keep things interesting!!!
  • Introduced a number of new exercises:
    • Agility Work. The bricks made it more challenging, and the mud made it semi-dangerous with at least 2 Pax taking a spill, including the Q! Note to Q: check for mud next time!
    • BRICKS. Alright, alright… I made that up last night and forced the names to create the acronym consistent with the coupons. Nonetheless, it appeared to have the desired impact of smoking the Pax!
    • Travoltas (aka Tom Brady) In the normal right/left arm up plank position, raised arm is lowered and reaches as far as possible underneath and behind your body, and then back up. The bricks were like a special sauce for this exercise #beatdown
    • SAC Work. Alternating exercises that work different muscle groups can be a great workout. Nice to see the progress of the Pax in their Abs fitness. Starting to move up reps on the stomach sets from the first week. #makingprogress
    • Bridge of the River Kwai. Yep, made this one up too… Take Plank Walks add a ditch… Now that is #goodlivin
  • T’claps to FNG Ben Rodgers, Steers, for coming out! You looked strong out there brother! Come on back and bring a friend.
  • After the workout, there was some discussion among a sub-set of the Pax about either moving up the start time of the Saturday workout or adding a 0600 workout for guys that have young 2.0s. We will discuss more on Saturday, but let Duggar or I know if you have thoughts. New workouts are encouraged if there are enough Pax to support it and a leader(s) to make it happen. #leaderslead
  • Remember to put the Emotional Headlock on some FNGs for the Saturday workout. We need some more #homegrown F3 Houston Pax