Sometimes you’re the hammer. Sometimes you’re the nail. That’s an old saying and a line in a catchy country song. 15 PAX descended on the Hogg, aka the Houston Mothership, not knowing what the Q had in store. Never before was the old saw, RnR more appropriate than today.
Conditions: Glorious!!! 52 degrees, didn’t seem humid

Disclaimer: Given

Circle up around the shovel flags (SF) for the first installment, unbeknownst to the PAX, of Rainbow and Unicorn Ping Pong.
  • SSH x40 IC
  • Burpees x20 OYO (sets of 5)
The Thang
Part 1
Bear crawl 40 yards to trees, mosey 40 yards to pre-placed shovel flag.
  • SSH x40 IC
  • Burpees x20 OYO (sets of 5)
Bear crawl 40 yards to trees, mosey 40 yards to pre-placed shovel flag.
  • SSH x20 IC
  • Burpees x10 OYO
Get it now? SSH = Rainbows, Burpees = Unicorns, back and forth = ping pong. Credit to Britney for the ping pong reference.
Partner up and Mosey to trees:
  • Church Picnic w/ Absolutions
Church Picnics: leap frog, wheel barrow, leap frog, flapjack wheel barrow.
Absolutions x10 IC – Duggar guest Q (thanks…YHC forgot about the groiner; YHC gets warm and fuzzy when a PAX steps up to correct to Maintain the Standard)
RnR Rainbow and Unicorn Ping Pong and Church Picnic, although a merciful* Q omitted the Bear Crawls and Absolutions.
Part 2
HammerTime Half Dora
  • 50 2-ct J-Lo’s; 100 Pickle Pounders; 150 Pickle Pointers
  • Running SFs to single SF
6 MoM
Flutter kicks x25 IC
J-Lo’s x10 IC (4-ct)
Flutter kicks x25 IC
Pickle Pounders x10 IC
Flutter Kicks x25 IC
Pickle Pointers x10 IC
Flutter kicks x30 IC
Lo and Behold, the BD: Fin.
Scope Run, TIRR.
Forthcoming COVID-19 economic and emotional impact.
Guitar Hero and Duggar affirming the power of the PAX during dark times.
YHC took us out.


*merciful is, today, a euphemism for: if you can’t do it you can’t Q it.
YHC is training for the GoRuck Heavy in April. After a modified Anvil workout to focus on weaknesses, the BD today also worked on YHC’s weaknesses but with an eye on the PAX. Within the F3 framework of 3S2T, we hit 2S2T (no Speed). All the repetition – boring? If we repeated so much every time, yes: gauge my eyes out with a rusty spoon. When presented occasionally by the Q? Mental toughness.
Aside from the BD today, YHC is thinking about how crazy the world is right now. Houston, in particular, will be hard hit by economic impacts. The COVID-19 virus is creating an oil demand shock. The Saudi actions to increase production create a supply shock. YHC cannot recall the last time there was both a S&D shock to the oil markets.
As husbands and fathers, we must be strong for our loved ones. Our parents and grandparents are the ones most at risk of COVID-19, and they don’t really like being told what to do. That will be emotionally stressful. As leaders at work and in the community, we must be strong. This all often requires putting on a calm face even when our personal situation – be it work or family – is strained. The economic and emotional impact to our community COULD be more challenging than we have experienced in generations.
But we have to Man The F Up. And we will. We show up rain or shine, heat or cold, and we push ourselves and each other to develop physical and mental toughness – Not just for workouts, but for Life. And we are not alone. We cannot do this alone. When the stress starts to seem like it’s too great, we have our Brothers of the Gloom – as Guitar Hero and Duggar reminded us. Together we are here to Lead. We have been Freed to Lead.
Honored to Sweat with YOU, Blessed to Bleed with YOU,